advance in English

a forward movement.
the rebels' advance on Madrid was well under way
synonyms: progress forward movement approach
move forward, typically in a purposeful way.
the troops advanced on the capital
synonyms: move forward proceed press on push on push forward make progress make headway gain ground approach come closerdraw nearer near
done, sent, or supplied beforehand.
advance notice

Use "advance" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "advance" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "advance", or refer to the context using the word "advance" in the English Dictionary.

1. Ignition advance curve/ advance map

2. Ignition advance curve/advance map: ...

3. Ignition advance curve / advance map) 2/ 3/:

4. Ignition advance curve/advance map (2) (3) : ...

5. Advance Licence - Advance Release Orders (ARO) Scheme

6. Advance selling

7. Advance arrangement

8. 1) Advance payments

9. Advance direction sign

10. Ignition advance curve: ...

11. • advance booking charters

12. " Payable in advance? "

13. Ignition advance curve

14. Ignition advance curve:

15. any collected advance passenger processing (APP) or advance passenger information (API) data

16. Registry advance, alsom for the lecture Girls shall be deposited in advance.

17. any collected advance passenger processing (APP) or advance passenger information (API) data.

18. Advance issuance - To make arrangements with the Lender for all advance money borrowed.

19. Spring Credit Advance Program

20. Payment in Advance Top

21. Advance notice – Commission hearings.

22. a Advance direction sign


24. The Khan's troops advance.

25. Look, here's an advance.

26. I'm also sure that technology will advance, and therefore living standards will advance.

27. Ignition advance curve 4/:

28. c Advance direction sign

29. Date of advance decision

30. Bugler, sound the advance.

31. Ignition advance curve (2):

32. Ignition advance curve: 4/

33. (xviii) any collected advance passenger processing (APP) or advance passenger information (API) data.

34. Advance payment: Party A shall pay Party B the advance payment of before.

35. I'll advance the money.

36. Ignition advance curve (3):

37. Incubators and advance factories


39. b Advance direction sign

40. Advance Pricing Agreement (APA).

41. Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

42. Better pay in advance.

43. Implement controls on advance spending

44. Advance billing for groundhandling services

45. Take it cash in advance.

46. Advance billing for maintenance services

47. Infantry form up for advance.

48. Each term has been constantly redefined by human advance, and each advance has been momentous.

49. • Advance selling material is essential.

50. There was no advance notification.