advise in English

offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone.
I advised him to go home
synonyms: counsel give guidance guide offer suggestionsgive hintsgive tipsgive pointers

Use "advise" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "advise" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "advise", or refer to the context using the word "advise" in the English Dictionary.

1. Please advise.

2. I'd advise extreme caution.

3. My job is to advise.

4. I strongly advise against it.

5. I could advise with no one.

6. Please advise us of the date.

7. I would advise a Caesarean operation.

8. She needed someone to advise her.

9. I'd advise you against doing that.

10. Cardinals elect and advise the Pope.

11. I advise you to be cautious.

12. 5 I strongly advise against it.

13. I feel unqualified to advise you.

14. I have to advise Against this.

15. You advise and assist the missionaries.

16. I'd advise you to reserve judgment .

17. May I presume to advise you?

18. Strongly advise that you come soonest.

19. He as advise not to overeat.

20. I shall act as you advise.

21. I advise you not to antagonize him.

22. Advise me if my terms are acceptable.

23. Regarding the punishment, what would you advise?

24. We advise extreme caution when disabling authentication.

25. Advise when you make contact with Busan.

26. I'd advise you not to tell him.

27. 24 I'd advise you to reserve judgment .

28. Stock traders advise shareholders and help manage portfolios.

29. Her mother was away and couldn't advise her.

30. The breeder is best placed to advise you.

31. I will advise her of my future plan.

32. I advise you to own up at once.

33. Your doctor, midwife or health visitor will advise.

34. 6 Consult and advise. Form joint venture partners.

35. Our financial consultants can advise the small investor.

36. I advise you not to proceed against him.

37. Message received. Strongly advise that you come soonest.

38. I strongly advise you not to do this.

39. 2 Then advise how to bring into effect.

40. 9 I strongly advise you not to do this.

41. We've brought in experts to advise on the scheme.

42. There are qualified instructors on hand to advise you.

43. I'd advise you to creep up her sleeve again.

44. He assembled a panel of scholars to advise him.

45. to advise the Commission on transfer pricing tax issues;

46. My advise is, stop building castle in the air.

47. Advise the Front Office Management of all guest comments.

48. We advise testing with an emulator and test data.

49. We employ an expert to advise on new technology.

50. And now guidelines advise on same-race adoption policy.