aggravate in English

make (a problem, injury, or offense) worse or more serious.
military action would only aggravate the situation
annoy or exasperate (someone), especially persistently.
the gesture aggravated me even more
synonyms: annoy irritate exasperate bother put out nettle provoke antagonize get on someone's nervesruffle (someone's feathers)try someone's patience peeve needle bug miff get under someone's skin tick off

Use "aggravate" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "aggravate" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "aggravate", or refer to the context using the word "aggravate" in the English Dictionary.

1. Her questions aggravate him.

2. Don't aggravate me, child!

3. Pollution can aggravate asthma.

4. Scratching can aggravate the rash.

5. His bossy attitude aggravate me.

6. Watching rapid movements can aggravate giddiness.

7. These visitors also aggravate the pollution problem.

8. 4 Watching rapid movements can aggravate giddiness.

9. Air pollution may aggravate a child's asthma.

10. The doctor said we shouldn't aggravate him

11. Many also feel that oily makeups aggravate acne.

12. If she can't aggravate me, she's not happy.

13. Cigarettes can aggravate the symptoms of a cold.

14. Military intervention will only aggravate the conflict even further.

15. Stress and lack of sleep can aggravate the situation.

16. Building the new road will only aggravate the situation .

17. Annoy irritate bother irk vex provoke aggravate peeve rile.

18. Cutting down the old forests may aggravate global warming.

19. John claimed Susan did things just to aggravate him.

20. So changes to house prices aggravate the economic cycle.

21. This threatens to aggravate the damaging contraction of global trade.

22. (Proverbs 15:1) Sharp retorts will only aggravate the situation.

23. Mental disease can aggravate pareidolia, as can fatigue and sleepiness.

24. Outer packing and aggravate packing of toothpaste, toilet soap, cosmetic.

25. On the contrary, such an attitude can only aggravate the situation.

26. They may aggravate asthma and cause stomach ulcers or kidney damage.

27. Alcohol consumption is also known to aggravate the condition at times.

28. But our actions only aggravate their passivity and feelings of helplessness.

29. 3 Mental disease can aggravate pareidolia, as can fatigue and sleepiness.

30. Yes, human acts —not mysterious fate— often cause or aggravate natural disasters.

31. Men aggravate me when they go on about how impractical women are.

32. Selfishness, pride, and lack of love feed and aggravate lack of understanding.

33. Sympatho - excitation is an important factor to aggravate chronic congestive heart failure.

34. Increase of population of distress of a lot of states, poor rate aggravate.

35. I found that this would only aggravate the bad behavior.” —Gyeong-ok, Korea.

36. It was clear to everyone that it would only aggravate the festering wound.

37. Carrying a rucksack or anything over your shoulder is likely to aggravate this.

38. Indeed, there is wide support for measures that could seriously aggravate both problems.

39. Medical authorities say that aspirin should be avoided because it may aggravate bleeding.

40. Any talk of price rises now will only aggravate an already serious situation.

41. It is also hoped that the situation will not be allowed to aggravate further.

42. To increase this tension further and aggravate the goods famine even more is impossible.

43. This suggests that halothane alone is unable to aggravate a toxic parenchymatous liver damage.

44. Concern was expressed that liberalization could aggravate balance-of-payments positions for developing countries.

45. The excess amount of oil in the hair products that you use , aggravate acne .

46. We can aggravate a problem, but a woman can not make her husband hit her!

47. As the aggravate that villatic market competes, what villatic sale plan appears unusual is important.

48. Escape from fee and empty account phenomenon aggravate the difficulty of the pension insurance further.

49. Adverse environmental conditions such as dry air, smog, smoke and wind can aggravate the condition.

50. Hydrochlorothiazide can aggravate kidney dysfunction, and is used with caution in patients with kidney disease.