Use "agitate" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "agitate" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "agitate", or refer to the context using the word "agitate" in the English Dictionary.

1. " Agitate everywhere. "

2. Too many decorations agitate me.

3. Don't agitate yourself over it.

4. To agitate or stir until foamy.

5. Tell him not to agitate himself.

6. Agitate water briefly to dissolve detergent.

7. This remark seemed to agitate her guest.

8. Agitate the mixture to dissolve the powder.

9. Furious, the workers agitate for a strike.

10. The unions continue to agitate for higher pay.

11. 4 To agitate or stir until foamy.

12. Agitate by inverting the container until the thermometer

13. Mix the two solutions together and agitate the bottle.

14. Hold for 20 30 sec, moving gently to agitate.

15. They sent agents to agitate the local people.

16. These were reforms for which we were prepared to agitate.

17. I didn't want to agitate her by telling her.

18. These were reforms for which they were prepared to agitate.

19. Clamp flasks onto armature of wrist action shaker and agitate 30 minutes.

20. 14.1.5 Clamp flasks onto armature of wrist action shaker and agitate 30 minutes.

21. The itinerant returned with new resolves to agitate at the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in 17

22. All you need to do is gently agitate the water with a finger or paintbrush.

23. Pour the powder into the solution and agitate it until the powder has dissolved.

24. The women who worked in these mills had begun to agitate for better conditions.

25. TianJiang add MSG , a little sesame oil and sugar, vegetable dish with agitate platter.

26. The Russians would arm them and send them back to agitate the Shahrizor and create anarchy.

27. The invention provides an agitator (1) is disposed to agitate slurry within a flotation tank (2).

28. A gyroscopic mixing apparatus is used to agitate the receptacle (10) to mix its contents.

29. Inert gas such as argon is blowed into the furnace to agitate the molten pool.

30. 14.1.3 Clamp the flasks onto the armature of a wrist action shaker and agitate for 30 minutes.

31. The vessel has agitators that agitate the oilseed material sufficiently to "fluidize" the material within the vessel.

32. He formed the League of American Wheelmen to agitate for and petition governments for improved roads.

33. Since plangent engine agitate all round flow in disorder, push the flight number behind jolt unceasingly in fear.

34. Place the exposed board into the tray of developer using plastic tweezers or tongs and agitate the board gently.

35. The local government dare not agitate the Highlanders by reporting this to the Imperial Court for fear of chastisement.

36. Spurred by a sense of the growing opposition, especially after Chernobyl, it began to agitate at the grass roots.

37. Reducing the temperature and pressure of the closed contact zone while continuing to agitate the substrate mixture; and E.

38. The Mahatma always obeyed the prison rules strIctly as well as his own rule not to agitate from prison.

39. Ceremonial and precedence notably lost most of the power to agitate rulers and governments which they had hitherto possessed.

40. Degreeof agitation is a optimization factor which shall both agitate the solution and reduce energy losing and equipment abrading.

41. Microwaves create very short, high energy radio-waves which agitate and heat water molecules on or near the surface of foods.

42. In addition, high-speed streams in the solar wind unrelated to CMEs, flares or sunspots strongly agitate the Earth's magnetosphere.

43. Puritans also believed it to be their pressing duty to agitate for the introduction of godly reforms into the church.

44. Well, there is the obvious anxiety of the spill-over effect of the conflicts that now agitate this zone of instability.

45. The microwaves agitate water molecules in the food to increase the efficiency of heat transfer into the food from the air curtain.

46. To agitate a fluid within a vessel (106), which may be a hot water heater, an ultrasonic transducer (104) is located within the vessel.

47. He also asked what mechanisms UNHCR had for protecting refugees from being exploited by armed or political groups who used camps to recruit or agitate.

48. When allocating , change white cement with a few water first, again ordinal put right amount 801 glue, chemical and sizy, old pink, agitate arrives till proper chroma.

49. It begins to protest and agitate just as soon as any tax begins to act protectively, and it denounces any tax that one citizen levies on another.

50. Cover the cores with sufficient volume (approximately # ml) of extraction buffer (Appendix #) and agitate on a rotary shaker (#-# rpm) for # hours below # °C or for # to # hours refrigerated