Meaning of word alert

in English - English Dictionary

[a·lert || ə'lɜːt]

ready; attentive; quick, agile

Sentence pattern with the word "alert"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "alert" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "alert", or refer to the context using the word "alert" in the English Dictionary.

1. Alert to danger; an alert bank guard.

2. Be alert.

3. Red alert.

4. Aluminum Alert

5. Aerobics Alert

6. Red alert!

7. Asbestos Alert Continues

8. Off station alert.

9. Air- raid alert!

10. I became very alert.


12. Put ACU on alert.

13. Display specific alert types:

14. We'll maintain security alert.

15. A communications system including one or more alert gates and an alert controller.

16. Kinney speaking to Bakersfield control, red alert, red alert. [ ROCK MUSlC PLAYlNG ON JUKEBOX ]

17. Alert Langley, asset uncontained.

18. Go to red alert.


20. 'You contacted Emergency Alert.

21. Security units on alert.

22. I signalled a yellow alert.

23. Vehicular risk alert control device

24. Damage-control and alert plans

25. He is an alert boy.

26. Rear-end collision alert signal:

27. We go on full alert.

28. Her whole bearing was alert.

29. IFF alert on incoming vessel.

30. Corky —— active and alert dog.

31. From the Alert history section of the Alert details page, type your comment, and click SAVE.

32. Pandemic Alert Period Table 2, below, describes the surveillance objectives for the pandemic alert period.


34. Distress alarm or alert panel

35. They issued an AMBER Alert.

36. Just alert us by beeper.

37. Rear-end collision alert signal

38. SMS alert bank card fraud.

39. Farm accident kills worker (Hazard Alert:

40. We have a code-red alert.

41. Her expression was watchful and alert.

42. Be alert to this danger signal.

43. Information and alert thresholds for ozone

44. Yellow alert in the ambassadorial wing!

45. Fortunately, however, my mind is alert.

46. We must be alert to dangers.

47. Piezoelectric vibrational and acoustic alert device

48. Alert the SCPD and the ACU.

49. Indonesia quake triggers brief tsunami alert

50. Depressurization alert in the cargo hold.