amount in English

a quantity of something, typically the total of a thing or things in number, size, value, or extent.
the sport gives an enormous amount of pleasure to many people
come to be (the total) when added together.
losses amounted to over 10 million dollars

Use "amount" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "amount" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "amount", or refer to the context using the word "amount" in the English Dictionary.

1. It is mainly used to observe the bloodshed amount while labour and postpartum, amount of menstruation, amount of operative hemorrhage, postpartum diapedesis amount, urine amount and secretion amount.

2. Amount due: current amount due on the account

3. If the damage amount is smaller than actual damage amount, renter will pay smaller amount.

4. Nice amount.

5. There is an immense amount of space, an intoxicating amount.

6. The amount of the write-down is the difference between the asset’s carrying amount and the recoverable amount.

7. Position adjustment amount

8. The amount of tax dodging crime can be classified into two parts: the amount payable and the amount paid.

9. Amount of precipitation

10. The maximum amount of the guarantee is composed of an amount of:

11. amount (required) ISO 4217, the amount the buyer must pay per month.

12. This amount may be expressed as a ratio of the amount of useful information compared to the amount of redundant information.

13. The Borrower fails to pay amount payable thereunder as amount shall become payable.

14. Amount (actual or estimated)

15. Amount (interest) declared irrecoverable

16. (12) Ratio of the total amount at risk over the total amount paid.

17. com/without interest.html) the amount in today's money would amount to $14 billion.

18. Amount (principal) declared irrecoverable

19. -Amount at risk is the level of error expressed as an absolute amount, in value.

20. Little long, not quite enough ketchup but perfect amount of mayo, perfect amount of pickles.

21. This involves the automatic currency exchange, how will the amount of renminbi into HK amount.

22. The amount of light given off can be correlated to the amount of element present.

23. Restricted amount of hazardous substances,

24. Amount of invoice excluding VAT

25. Check your daily budget amount.

26. Stakes may be any amount.

27. It cost a prodigious amount .

28. What is this amount for?

29. There is a difference of THB 750 between the amount sent and the amount received.


31. Total amount of adjudged compensation

32. What is the total amount?

33. The corresponding amount of new business is the amount of money that has been placed.

34. tax code, loan reference, default occurred date, currency, default amount, recoveries amount, interests accrued, loss.

35. — Restricted amount of hazardous substances,

36. the amount declared in euro.

37. He'll never amount to anything.

38. This ( amount ) make me astonied.

39. Unit of amount of substance

40. Amount due > 1 year

41. What food calcic amount tall?

42. Currency and amount in figures

43. She'll never amount to anything.

44. The corresponding amount of new business shall be the amount of money that has been placed.

45. the total carrying amount of inventories and the carrying amount in classifications appropriate to the enterprise

46. Clearly, the amount of money people save increases in inverse proportion to the amount they spend.

47. (b) by calculating a theoretical amount and subsequently an actual amount (pro rata benefit), as follows:

48. Nitrogen-fertilizers influence the amount of accumulated nitrates depending on N-fertilizers and amount of Nitrogen.

49. I have to add the same amount to both sides or subtract the same amount again.

50. As seen in nuclear explosions, a small amount of matter represents a huge amount of energy.