anatomy in English

the branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms, especially as revealed by dissection and the separation of parts.
The basic human sciences involved are anatomy , physiology, and psychology.
a study of the structure or internal workings of something.
Machiavelli's anatomy of the art of war
synonyms: bodily structure makeup composition constitution form structure

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1. Results The teaching patterns of three steps—regional anatomy—sectional anatomy—regional anatomy—have been established.

2. Anatomy and Embryology.

3. Anatomy of domestic animal.

4. The subjects of study include gross anatomy, bone biology, developmental anatomy, neuroanatomy, and histology.

5. - Anatomy and physiology; medical terminology

6. The Anatomy of a Moment.

7. It's the anatomy student's bible!

8. (c) Under ‘Pathological anatomy’: Patologie

9. 21 Human Anatomy and Embryology subjects, mainly engaged in the development of cardiovascular biology and applied anatomy.

10. Here, anatomy provides an intriguing clue.

11. Again, people of color appealing to a commonality of anatomy over a difference of anatomy, again, successfully.

12. 10) Human Anatomy and Embryology subjects, mainly engaged in the development of cardiovascular biology and applied anatomy.

13. Methods Review the literature and reports on acupoint morphology in gross anatomy, lens anatomy and minute anatomy . Conclusion There is not unified recognition on acupoint morphological structures.

14. It's like she studied anatomy, right?

15. "Robert Traver: Anatomy of a Fisherman".

16. I have detailed files on human anatomy.

17. A vulnerable part of the human anatomy.

18. We have to do anatomy next term.

19. It was a book of animal anatomy.

20. Study of foliar anatomy of Gnetum parvifolium.

21. The physiological anatomy of Leonardo da Vinci also made enormous achievements and is considered the founder of modern physical anatomy.

22. Could this explain Albert Einstein's extraordinary neural anatomy?

23. And this is another way to learn anatomy.

24. Shapable stylet to conform to the patient's anatomy.

25. Comparative anatomy of the leaves of Cephalotaxus (Cephalotaxaceae).

26. 4) A vulnerable part of the human anatomy.

27. Systematic wood anatomy of Lauraceae in Guangdong Province.

28. Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis.

29. Various parts of his anatomy were clearly visible.

30. 15 Body Stories: a guide to experiential anatomy.

31. He later became professor of anatomy at Kiel.

32. Physiology and anatomy are basic to medical science.

33. They draw the nude figure with careful anatomy.

34. System and method for anatomy labeling on a pacs

35. (Laughter) And this is another way to learn anatomy.

36. As the one hat, I do history of anatomy.

37. Departures from normal human anatomy were marked in red.

38. Developmental anatomy of the Arctium lappa root is studied.

39. Comparative anatomy of vegetative organs of Clinopodium in Anhui.

40. Muscles Of Vertebrates: Comparative Anatomy, Evolution, Homologies And Development.

41. Solanaceae, Solanum acaule, anatomy, "jointless" mutation, pedicel articulation, taxonomy.

42. How many of you here made it through anatomy?

43. The whole play reads like an anatomy of evil.

44. Knowledge of human anatomy is essential to figure drawing.

45. Her best-known work concerned the anatomy of seedlings.

46. On which part of her anatomy is she tattooed?

47. She was a cadaver from the campus anatomy lab.

48. Using a systems-based approach, Fundamental Anatomy emphasizes organizational and development and insightfully integrates embryology for a more thorough understanding of adult gross anatomy.

49. Wood anatomy of four species in the genus Magnolia.

50. She read Victorian novels and studied textbooks of anatomy.