anger in English

a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.
the colonel's anger at his daughter's disobedience
fill (someone) with anger; provoke anger in.
she was angered by his terse answer
synonyms: infuriate irritate exasperate irk vex peeve madden put out enrage incense annoy rub the wrong way make someone's blood boilget someone's back upmake someone see redget someone's dander uprattle someone's cagemake someone's hackles rise aggravate get someone rile tick off tee off burn up

Use "anger" in a sentence

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1. Understanding anger and aggression Forms of anger and aggression Children give vent to their anger in various ways.

2. Sorrow, anger, mourning.

3. Anger issues, too.

4. Handling Anger Properly

5. Anger punishes itself.

6. Anger, hate, aggression.


8. She ceased from anger.

9. Is all anger wrong?

10. Madeline had anger issues.

11. Anger leads to hate.

12. Her eyes scintillate anger.

13. She flushed with anger.

14. Anger left him speechless.

15. He bristled with anger.

16. Diego, I understand your anger.

17. His impatience shaded into anger.

18. Anger stung him into fighting.

19. Her nostrils flared with anger.

20. His words ignited their anger.

21. His anger suddenly flamed out.

22. The anger might be contagious.

23. It didn't cleanse this anger.

24. I couldn't disguise my anger.

25. 21 He bristled with anger.

26. Her anger snarled at me.

27. His brow darkened in anger.

28. His face reddened with anger.

29. His hair bristled with anger.

30. 12 He stamped in anger.

31. Her smile masked her anger.

32. He was seething with anger.

33. Monster, " I'm your anger, man. "

34. Anger bereft him of words.

35. Marked by anger or sullenness.

36. Nothing can slake his anger.

37. Anger is a short madness.

38. He couldn't holdback his anger.

39. His anger blazes against unrighteousness.

40. Anger well up within him.

41. He couldn't suppress his anger.

42. She is swift to anger.

43. Anger that we don't express to others can become anger that we turn against ourselves.

44. Managing Anger —Yours and Others’

45. You've eased father's anger, uncle?

46. He was red with anger.

47. His rudeness kindled my anger.

48. She was helpless with anger.

49. His face flushed with anger.

50. His brow clouded with anger.