area in English

a region or part of a town, a country, or the world.
rural areas of New Jersey
the extent or measurement of a surface or piece of land.
the area of a triangle

Use "area" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "area" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "area", or refer to the context using the word "area" in the English Dictionary.

1. Logistical support district: including storage area, preservation area, transportation area, supply area.

2. House Covered Area includes the Saleable Area and area of carport.

3. 30 A mountainous area area occupies Hunan the 70 % of land area.

4. Ensure good management of the waste pit, storage area , loading area , dumping area.

5. Unit Covered Area includes the Saleable Area and area of window ( if any ).

6. Unit Covered Area includes the Saleable Area and area of bay window ( if any ).

7. The six scenic spots are the piney leisure area, the red tourist area, the religious culture area, the big tree sightseeing area, the mountainous region motor area and the central reception area.

8. Our company has 2000 square meters of factory, production area of commercial letters, envelopes, labels, print area, storage area, office area.

9. The epipharynx of the oriental migratory locust is divided into central area, peripheral within the area, peripheral area and marginal area.

10. Basically there are there patts thethe supply area the assembly area and the dispatch area.

11. Alternatively, assign a designated parking area well-removed from the bus area and activity area.

12. The parameters include: real contact area ratio, open void area ratio, closed void area ratio.

13. Gross Area includes the Unit Covered Area the apportioned share of common area the unit.

14. House Area includes the House Covered Area and the Apportioned Share of Common Area the House.

15. Ratio of terrestrial protected area to total surface area.

16. Among them earthy and sanded area and evenness of area area terrain, appropriate, communication is easy.

17. Restricted area?


19. Gross Area includes the Unit Covered Area and the Apportioned Share of Common Area per unit.

20. Rational layout of schools, sub - teaching areas, the experimental area, office area, service area of four parts.

21. Corrosion resistance : except for corrosive salt area and sulfurous area.

22. Solid place area is our country north drought farming area.

23. Sea area measurement usually uses GPS timely processing the position data for the boundary of sea area, and then calculating the area of anomalistic area.

24. Pressure readings at area # and area # are starting to drop!

25. Saleable Area includes area of the balcony and utility platform.

26. Exclusive type area : Type area exclusive of headline and folio.

27. This area shown here is an area called the hippocampus.

28. [Formula 1] Area ratio of concave portion = [area portion of concave portion]/[area portion of porous base material].

29. Clear the area.

30. That's the area.


32. First, the construction area and the saleable area of confusion substitution.

33. 20 The connection area does not overlie the light emitting area.

34. The area of every triangle equals the area of the parallelogram.

35. The ratio of viewable display area divided by overall module area.

36. House Covered Area includes Saleable Area, and the area of Carport and Variable Refrigerant Volumne Air-Conditioning Plant Room.

37. Currently, the area is known throughout Beijing as a shopping area.

38. The axisymmetric jet flow field is divided into jet flow area, unconcentrated flow, vortex flow area and impact area.

39. The area was established under the Frontier Closed Area Order, 1951.

40. A child's access to schooling varies greatly from area to area.

41. Secure the area.

42. a relaying area;

43. Administrative Procedures Area:

44. Clear the area!

45. House Covered Area includes the Saleable Area and area of Carport, Filtration Plant Room, A/C Room and Facilities Room.

46. The Internet, Wide Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network, Local Area Network all present complex features, particularly the competition-cooperation feature.

47. The self-adjusting air intake comprises a supersonic area, a neck, a subsonic area and at least one additional channel connecting the supersonic area to the subsonic area.

48. Non smoking area available within dining area and a la carte restaurant.

49. We live in a rural area of the San Francisco Bay Area.

50. Our area is a hilly area surrounded on three sides by mountains.