Meaning of word at

in English - English Dictionary

[æt; unbetontət]

in, on, near; indicating time or location; toward

Sentence pattern with the word "at"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "at" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "at", or refer to the context using the word "at" in the English Dictionary.

1. Lives are always at risk, at our hand, at our will.

2. At Parbar westward, four at the causeway , and two at Parbar.

3. We arrive at station at noon.

4. At school I was quite good at arts, but hopeless at science.

5. Maxillary alveolar arch morphology was described at birth, at six months, at 18 months and at 4.5 years.

6. Smith looked at his watch, at the wall clock, at the digital clock.

7. At times we saw this occurring at Matsushita as well as at ITT.

8. Look at that, look at the neck.

9. They looked at me sourly at first.

10. I'm at your service at all times.

11. Look at the policewoman at the crossing.

12. Caddy protested at Pearl's demand at first.

13. At first I scoffed at the notion.

14. Quick at meal, quick at work. 

15. 24 Be here at 9 at latest.

16. Let's meet at the clubhouse at 30 this afternoon and tee off at two.

17. 19 Smith looked at his watch, at the wall clock, at the digital clock.

18. Alice looked at Kiki, Kiki at Alice, the ultimate decision blooming at long last.

19. I'm meeting some people at the furniture house at the oak room at nine.

20. 23 The stock opened at 201 / peaked at 203 / 4 and now trades at

21. Me being at work causes friction at home.

22. At this point your logic is at fault.

23. The stagecoach finally arrived at Gameland at sunrise.

24. Don't mint at it;do it at once.

25. Nor you drummers, neither at reveille at dawn.

26. At night, Jamb hung about at the harbor.

27. We were at Coney Island at the boardwalk.

28. At this point our logic was at fault.

29. Soseki Natsume died at Anton Chekhov died at

30. We are due to land at Heathrow at

31. The ship at last touched at New York.

32. com/at need.html] to be disowned at need.

33. The cruise boards at 7 p.m. at Pier

34. They opened fire at us at close range.

35. They're at the eatery looking at the menu.

36. At what time did you arrive at station?

37. She looked at Myrtle and then at Tom.

38. Her range at shortstop, even at was marvelous.

39. Better spare at brim than at bottom. 

40. 4 Quick at meal, quick at work. 

41. The squire was hard at work at Bristol.

42. They buy at wholesale and sell at retail.

43. Meg wasn't at all agreeable at breakfast time.

44. Essence+ visual novel at Navel (in Japanese) Shuffle visual novel at MangaGamer Shuffle visual novel at YumeHaven Shuffle! at The Visual Novel Database Shuffle! anime at Funimation Entertainment Shuffle! (anime) at Anime News Network's encyclopedia

45. Engineers at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois have at least made a stab at it.

46. The accuracy should be at lane level, but must be at least at carriageway level.

47. Finally, the ritual day would end once again at midwinter, but now at sunset, at Dowth.Sentencedict

48. I laugh appreciatively at his sarcasm, and I never flinch, outwardly at least, at his slams.

49. I close at 7 and go home at 8.

50. He was not at all surprised at her ability.