attached a salary|attach a salary in English

put a lien on an income (a legal right for first claim on income)

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1. Salary : The company is offering a salary of 20000 per annum.

2. Salary: Monthly salary RMB 7000 above during probation.

3. He earns a good salary.

4. She earns a hefty salary.

5. Salary: Monthly salary RMB 8000 or above during probation.

6. She earns a high salary.

7. She earns a respectable salary.

8. 20000 is a very respectable salary.

9. Salary: Monthly salary RMB 6000 above during probation.

10. Salary: Monthly salary RMB 5 thousand or above during probation.

11. Net salary is gross salary minus tax and national insurance deduction.

12. Enter a minimum salary, retail price index, and guaranteed minimum salary for this external variable.

13. a salary of £20 000 p.a.

14. His salary is under £300 a week.

15. Each employee receives a like base salary.

16. That is a month's salary after taxes.

17. The average salary is $000 a year.

18. 7 His salary is composed of basic salary and commission.

19. Companies get a tax credit of 7% of total wage & salary costs up to a limit of 2.5 times the minimum salary (in 2017 the minimum salary was €1,460).

20. Salary: RMB 13500 ( Gross salary pre - tax ) per month paid on a 13 - month basis per after confirmation.

21. He gets paid a pretty hefty salary.

22. The company has offered a high salary.

23. First, you will get a monthly salary.

24. Salary is a function of age and experience.

25. The salary is negotiable.