attack|attacks in English


[at·tack || ə'tæk]

assault; spasm, seizure; onslaught

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1. Such attacks are generally the aftermath a class I attack, and forebode class 3 attacks.

2. It will able to detect new, unknown attacks with undocumented attack patterns.

3. Via address resolution protocol in data link layer, hackers can launch various attacks, such as IP conflict attack, ARP deceive attack and ARP overflow attack.

4. Plus, this attack is far easier to launch than the more sophisticated spoofing attacks.

5. Fixed an issue with size modifiers affecting your attack bonus when making Knockdown attacks.

6. Every time, he attacks from his left and exposes his chest, that's when you attack.

7. This unit can make two Secondary Gunnery attacks against separate targets during your Surface Attack step.

8. It was the world's first major chemical attack using sarin, a nerve attacks the respiratory system.

9. R - Maiming Strike - A damaging attack that greatly reduces strike accurately in combat for two attacks.

10. Internet worm attacks, as a typical attack method of the Internet, with a wide range of attacks and difficult to remove, recently drew a high degree of attention.

11. Enraged, Galbatorix renders Murtagh unconscious and attacks Eragon with his mind, while Saphira and Thorn attack Shruikan.

12. The university attack was seen as retaliation against Shining Path rebels for a series of bomb attacks.

13. It was the world's first major chemical attack using sarin, a nerve agent which attacks the respiratory system .

14. While the protocol can defeat invertibility attacks, the algorithm ensures that any attack based on availability of inserter is impossible to succeed.

15. Each bout lasts three minutes with the dogs being judged on their willingness to attack as well as the number of attacks made.

16. Gog Attacks!

17. Two depth charge attacks forced her back to the surface, but she again submerged; after a third attack, a large oil slick was observed.

18. The first Base Attack Bonus is cumulative for Multiclass characters, which will determine how many additional attacks the character can make and their bonuses.

19. 7 On the other side, hacker attack, virus spreading and mixed network attacks add increasingly, so that the network security defensive line is full frailness .

20. 7 Intense attacks.

21. The attacks initiated by uke (and which tori must defend against) have been criticized as being "weak", "sloppy", and "little more than caricatures of an attack".

22. Since King-Dragon's attack, the villagers have been plagued by mysterious deaths, dying crops, and monster attacks, which you must help with along journey to find Momo.

23. According to MessageLabs, phishing attacks now account for 66% of all malware attacks.

24. The security analysis shows it can prevent plaintext attack, conspiracy attack and forging attack.

25. As stated above, those who experience Panic Attacks have a greater likelihood of developing agoraphobia for fear of having a panic attack while some place away from home.