attack echelon in English

military unit positioned for an attack in offset parallel lines

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1. In addition , echelon is the best shape of blasting cut among echelon, inverse echelon and rectangle.

2. Emphasizing the building of echelon and opening the volleyball market.

3. Extensions of n - echelon catenarian supply chain pricing model.

4. The higher echelon is pushing younger people in there.

5. The days of the upper echelon are over.

6. Wide industry adoption (OSGi -- see -- Espial, Echelon).

7. Accept evolution of breakthrough of classified guidance, key, echelon.

8. Such talented person echelon and specialized troop, for profession in rare.

9. This really is a distortion of the debate on Echelon that cannot be accepted.

10. Police as suspects For some suspects in the second echelon, the search is over.

11. This length could be reduced slightly if they were stabled en echelon.

12. Echelon is a step in the consumption or the purchase of our graduates?

13. The en-tire company moved across a rice paddy in echelon formation.

14. The upper echelon of the NBA includes Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Dr. J, and His Airness himself.

15. After having lost this ball,[Sentencedict] Team Dalian's echelon situation has not been optimistic.

16. At the age of he left the upper echelon of the advertising world to enter the political world.

17. And 4 big characteristic act as agent, just about courageously the another echelon formation of assault.

18. Primarily using the Lonworks technology of Echelon corp. and WEB technology of ASP, XML, SQL and.

19. Home doctors (huisartsen, comparable to general practitioners) form the largest part of the first echelon.

20. The calves of dolphins swim alongside their mothers in an arrangement known as echelon formation.

21. Mr President, we welcome the fact that the report recognises and accepts that Echelon exists.

22. Woodward struck up a conversation, eventually learning of Felt's position in the upper echelon of the FBI.

23. Oil field strengthened the talent's education and reserve, perfected talent echelon formation to develop a mechanism.

24. After the main floor 0 win Changchun Asia peacefully, the distant feet saw the echelon hope.

25. The company also is actively strive to train research personnel echelon every year in college recruitment.