attainment|attainments in English


[at'tain·ment || -mənt]

achievement, fulfillment; ability

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1. Information attainments have turned into a basic qualification for teachers as well as an important foundation of scientific attainments.

2. a young woman of impressive educational attainments.

3. It is possible of attainment.

4. He is a scholar of the highest attainments.

5. We can't exaggerate his scientific attainment.

6. Rest no longer satisfied with they dwarfish attainments.

7. 20 He is a scholar of the highest attainments.

8. For each attainment target we have recommended statements of attainment and programmes of study at up to 10 levels.

9. He is a scholar of the highest attainments in this field.

10. The attainment of the success is not easy.

11. Increasingly, adult patients are achieving independence, careers, and impressive educational attainments.

12. The company has many scholars with profound scientific attainments and rich experience.

13. Nevertheless, both provide the opportunity for such attainments to be formally recognized.

14. They were men and women of attainment and style.

15. Is there anything in life so disenchanting as attainment?

16. It was her diligently strive after the attainment of.

17. The purpose is the attainment of deliverance from suffering.

18. The attainment of her ambitions was still a dream.

19. Prof. Thomson is one scholar of the highest attainment.

20. (c) Why resist the temptation to flaunt our acquisitions and supposed attainments?

21. Bonus payments encourage the attainment of higher production targets.

22. The attainment of his ambitions was still a dream.

23. Your mother joins with me in congratulating you on your wonderful scholastic attainments.

24. His paper gave many examples of high intellectual attainments by various deaf people.

25. The attainment of this state completes the inside-out transition.