attempted the impossible|attempt the impossible in English

tried what was thought to be impossible

Use "attempted the impossible|attempt the impossible" in a sentence

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1. They attempted the almost impossible thing.

2. Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible. Albert Einstein 

3. Impossible.

4. But once again, our attempt to prevent bad management made good management impossible.

5. Impossible people!

6. "The impossible has happened..."

7. Turn the impossible into possible!

8. Any attempt at continued demarcation is impossible once the courts move to a theory of extensive review.

9. My family is impossible.

10. Acquittal was virtually impossible.

11. The task was self-evidently impossible.

12. The language barrier makes debate impossible.

13. Each profession in annual sales impossible forever season, similarly impossible for forever busy season.

14. No, impossible to leave this dear bustling plaice, impossible to leave Tianqiao, leave Beiping.

15. It is next to impossible.

16. But it is not impossible.

17. Perfect balance and impossible vision.

18. Honestly, you're impossible at times!

19. He's impossible to pin down.

20. This represents an attempt to assess a level of income below which it is impossible to ensure survival.

21. True inspiration's impossible to fake.

22. It is impossible to save

23. Thick mist made flying impossible.

24. It is impossible to foresee the future.

25. She flatly dismissed the idea as impossible.