attendance|attendances in English


[at'tend·ance || -dəns]

being physically present, act of attending; act of accompanying or serving

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1. An attendance rate of 90% for a week means that out of the 1000 possible attendances over the week, 900 were recorded.

2. He missed three attendances this year.

3. Attendances Greens on Screen.

4. Matches between them would often attract large attendances.

5. What were some exciting reports of Memorial attendances in 1997?

6. Teachers must keep a record of students' attendances.

7. Figures include out - patient attendances at Correctional Institutions.

8. Use the attendance spreadsheet to collate and review each student's attendance counsellor attendance records.

9. 18) This year attendances were 28% lower than forecast.

10. Coincidentally there has been a massive fall in church attendances.

11. Stadium attendances are a significant source of regular income for Premier League clubs.

12. Notes: Matches with spectator bans are not included in average attendances.

13. The attendance must not drop. "

14. Total attendance was about 6,100.

15. Attendance at school is obligatory.

16. His attendance record was spotty.

17. The attendance was encouragingly high.

18. We have prefect attendance there.

19. You can define specific plausibility checks for the entry of attendances and absences.

20. Attendance at the meeting is compulsory.

21. Mr Guy Salter was in attendance.

22. Both, however, were in attendance.

23. The report form management is composed of daily dynamic attendance report form, attendance management detailed report form and attendance monthly management report form module and so on.

24. After discharge, patients should attend weekly outpatient appointments, moving to fortnightly or monthly attendances as appropriate.

25. Decline in attendance; church buildings sold.