attended school|attend school in English

studied at school, was present at school

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1. After primary school, she attended a teacher's school in Moundou.

2. Which school do they attend?

3. He attended a technical school after he graduated at middle school.

4. In Amsterdam, Allas attended drama school.

5. Later, I attended a regular school.

6. He doesn't attend high-school parties.

7. She had attended a racially mixed school.

8. I attended catholic school all my life.

9. Can children attend church school at home?

10. 17th U.S. president Andrew Johnson never attended school.

11. Children attended infant school until they were seven.

12. All of the Heffernan children attended Catholic school.

13. She attended a school for the educationally subnormal.

14. He attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

15. Some are even able to attend Gilead School.

16. They do not necessarily attend a film school.

17. Or attend a school for wizardry and witchcraft?

18. Many blue blood children attend this private school.

19. A school for children who are not old enough to attend kindergarten ; a nursery school.

20. Previously, she attended a model school in John Casablanca.

21. She attended the Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris.

22. Q: Or attend a school for wizardry and witchcraft?

23. His father suggested that he attend a technical school.

24. 27 All pupils are expected to attend school assembly.

25. Our teacher suggested that he attend a technical school.