attention|attentions in English


[at·ten·tion || ə'tenʃn]

concentration; consideration; military posture in which a soldier stands in an upright position with his hands at his sides and his heels together (Military)

Use "attention|attentions" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "attention|attentions" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "attention|attentions", or refer to the context using the word "attention|attentions" in the English Dictionary.

1. She felt embarrassed by his persistent attentions.

2. My attentions are distracted from my study.

3. Charley's attentions to his former mistress were unbounded.

4. 15 The Doctor's attentions were unheeded by the widow.

5. Inform the harasser that his or her attentions are unwanted.

6. She tried to escape the unwanted attentions of her former boyfriend.

7. 17 A harem stallion defends his mares against the attentions of other males.

8. Attentions should be paid to EPS in cases with postpartum hemorrhage.

9. Great attentions have been paid on submersed macrophytes restoration in recent years.

10. A harem stallion defends his mares against the attentions of other males.

11. Introduced choice principle of parting surface and attentions in designing injection mold.

12. After suffering my attentions at the roadside, Amin had summarily dismissed him.

13. With increasing demand of single enantiomers, the investigation of enantioseparation attracted moremore attentions recently.

14. Production processes and attentions are introduced in spinning and weaving double-faced stretch denim.

15. A man like Luke had no need to force his attentions on unwilling women.

16. Although he tried desperately to make love to her, she repulsed his attentions.

17. Furthermore, rapid manufacturing technology of silicone rubber mould also gains extensive attentions.

18. 7 As one method of corporate financing, the corporate bond attracted moremore attentions of people.

19. 11) Bivariate survival analysis has received substantial attentions due to its wide applications.

20. He pays attentions to the experience of the individual, self-feeling and inner monologues.

21. But the cessation of his hostility for Pen did not diminish Huxter's attentions to Fanny.

22. The promise of utopia has attracted the attentions of both charlatans and serious scientists.

23. She was a silly girl, and far too easily impressed by Grunte's elephantine attentions.

24. It is not Cupid that they need but the attentions of a sympathetic psychotherapist.

25. A man like Luke had no need to force his attentions on disinclined women.