attentive ear in English

good listener, one who listens with full attentio

Use "attentive ear" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "attentive ear" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "attentive ear", or refer to the context using the word "attentive ear" in the English Dictionary.

1. You're quite attentive yourself.

2. Posture should convey an attentive attitude.

3. The waiters were attentive and friendly.

4. And let thine ears be attentive.

5. a man courteously attentive to women.

6. Pleasant Alpine atmosphere. Very attentive service.

7. Frank was attentive to me, even courtly.

8. If anything, he was attentive to Madge.

9. They were very solicitous and attentive to detail.

10. At the mention of money, he became attentive.

11. He was very attentive to the ammeter.

12. She was very attentive to her guests.

13. We should be attentive to the newcomers.

14. Mulcahey at least was talkative and attentive.

15. Atmosphere is easy going, service is attentive.

16. Teachers are more attentive to good students.

17. The hotel staff are friendly and attentive.

18. 1 Atmosphere is easy going, service is attentive.

19. If anything[sentence dictionary], he was attentive to Madge.

20. 3 At the mention of money, he became attentive.

21. Only your Mr Bingley is civil and attentive.

22. The speaker likes to have an attentive audience.

23. Ear flaps, it's an ear hat, John.

24. He made many valuable points, but note this key thought: “Do give ear to this, O Job; stand still and show yourself attentive to the wonderful works of God.” −Job 37:14.

25. He, too, looks attentive, as if awaiting an order.