attentively in English


observantly, heedfully, mindfully, intently

Use "attentively" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "attentively" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "attentively", or refer to the context using the word "attentively" in the English Dictionary.

1. Listen Attentively.

2. I sat up and listened attentively.

3. Listen attentively and quietly to what your teenager thinks.

4. The regimented military audience listened attentively to their leader.

5. He had his audience listening attentively.

6. She had her audience listening attentively.

7. The whole class was listening attentively.

8. The children listened attentively to the story.

9. 5 The projectionist was panning the camera attentively.

10. He moved quickly, and the students listened attentively.

11. Listen attentively ; don't break in so often.

12. The children listen attentively, argue, develop themes.

13. Nearby gossip columnist Louella Parsons listened attentively.

14. The projectionist was panning the camera attentively.

15. She listened attentively while I poured out my problems.

16. The children sat listening attentively to the story.

17. 5) Nearby gossip columnist Louella Parsons listened attentively.

18. The correct approach is to listen carefully, attentively and respectfully.

19. She listened attentively and set down every word he said.

20. Gold captain you more to watch attentively her bit.

21. What is involved in listening attentively in our ministry?

22. Ask her what happened and listen sympathetically and attentively.

23. I will listen attentively to Member’s concerns, expectations and admonitions.

24. The accused, Eddie Gilfoyle, listened attentively to the lengthy discussions.

25. Do you listen attentively to others, including your children?

26. Leslie swill attend to students'intonation, coordination and accent of speaking attentively.

27. Neck often needs to listen attentively to endways to all sides.

28. (Galatians 6:4) Instead, he listens attentively to each one.

29. 2 By Listening: Listen attentively as your partner gives his presentation.

30. The waiters are still standing attentively amongst the mahogany and chintz.

31. No one thinks more attentively about the tactical political options.

32. Want to bewildering just bewildering him to watch attentively me see.

33. He questioned Chrissie, and listened attentively to what she told him.

34. I listened attentively, accepted their pamphlets, and went with them to their houses of worship.

35. Richard Baxter had preached to large congregations who listened to him very attentively.

36. Children can be very adept at taking “picture notes” while listening attentively

37. We kissed, and every time the bell tower sounded, we listened attentively.

38. He listens attentively as questions are translated, chooses words carefully and dismisses several questions as too sensitive.

39. 30 All 3 women ( Listen to the radio attentively and eagerly ): Oooh, ooh!

40. Wu Sun - fu listened attentively, while his eyes scanned Tu Weiyueh's imperturbable face.

41. Therefore, we are keeping watch attentively belong to self not world-shaking love.

42. 8 Prejudicial looked attentively at the amblyopia cure henceforth to bring very great difficulty.

43. Passer - by : Eh? Everyone seem to be listening attentively! Is the singer's voice mesmerizing?

44. I get down on my knees behind Van Norden and I examine the machine more attentively.

45. (Hebrews 10:24, 25; Deuteronomy 31:12) Children should be taught to listen attentively.

46. Smilingly, I listen attentively to the jointing sound of the bones in the soughing evening breeze.

47. (Isaiah 62:2) As the Israelites act in righteousness, the nations are forced to look on attentively.

48. Stupidity refuses to listen when wisdom speaks. Intelligence listens attentively when wisdom speaks. Dr T.P.Chia 

49. 2 And all Bacchic backside are the developer that be looked attentively at silently and awaits.

50. The villagers listened attentively and gladly accepted the Bible’s warning against demonism at 1 Corinthians 10:20, 21.