attenuate|attenuated|attenuates|attenuating in English


[at·ten·u·ate || ə'tenjʊeɪt]

become thin or less; diminish in intensity, decrease, reduce severity

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1. Also, this reflection-based refractometer design can be used as an attenuated reflectance spectrometer at highly attenuating wavelengths.

2. His alpha waves are attenuating.

3. Aggravating or attenuating circumstances

4. Acoustic/shock wave attenuating assembly

5. Firming - Attenuates cellulite and helps firm muscles.

6. It's really hugely attenuated.

7. Attenuate duct and fan noise.

8. Vulcanizable composition having acoustic attenuating properties

9. It is too significant, too attenuate.

10. The high frequencies are attenuated.

11. The water hammer pressure attenuates after the angle pipe.

12. Fourth plea: the existence of attenuating circumstances

13. The waveguide core includes an attenuating segment thereof, and the absorptive layer is formed near the attenuating segment of the core.

14. Racking of the attenuated pitched wort.

15. an attenuated form of the virus.

16. The sliver must therefore be attenuated.

17. Attenuating out of band energy emitted from seismic sources

18. The ultrastructure of myocardium showed attenuated injury.

19. Influenza vaccination of live attenuated live vaccine or vaccines.

20. The columella is straight and anteriorly attenuated.

21. You're a seraphic suggestion of attenuated thought .

22. Attenuating pseudo s-waves in acoustic anisotropic wave propagation

23. Maximum attenuating speed D of side lobe peak value.

24. Gas-guiding pipe comprising a noise-attenuating covering with variable porosity

25. In addition, at least one of the plurality of agents attenuates inflammation.