attenuating circumstances|attenuating circumstance in English

circumstances which make a situation less strong, mediating circumstances

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1. Aggravating or attenuating circumstances

2. Fourth plea: the existence of attenuating circumstances

3. His alpha waves are attenuating.

4. Acoustic/shock wave attenuating assembly

5. Vulcanizable composition having acoustic attenuating properties

6. (d) The plea in law whereby LR A/S alleges failure to take attenuating circumstances into account

7. The Advisory Committee agrees with the Commission on the reduction of the basic amount due to attenuating circumstances.

8. The waveguide core includes an attenuating segment thereof, and the absorptive layer is formed near the attenuating segment of the core.

9. Attenuating out of band energy emitted from seismic sources

10. Attenuating pseudo s-waves in acoustic anisotropic wave propagation

11. Maximum attenuating speed D of side lobe peak value.

12. Gas-guiding pipe comprising a noise-attenuating covering with variable porosity

13. Line and copper wire adapting, converting, attenuating and amplifying equipment

14. Method and device for attenuating aerodynamically induced noises caused by vehicle grille

15. Radio communications apparatus with attenuating ear pieces for high noise environments

16. Method for attenuating air wave response in marine transient electromagnetic surveying

17. Specialty Optical Fiber , Doped Fiber , Erbium Doped Attenuating, Edfa, Fbg, Optical.

18. High-efficiency, frequency-tunable, acoustic wool and method of attenuating acoustic vibrations

19. These compositions are useful as acoustically attenuating adhesives, sealing or coating masses.

20. A noise attenuating and vibration dampening pedestal for an access floor assembly

21. Available with color - correcting and signal - attenuating accessories for user - controlled manipulation of light source output.

22. Method and apparatus for attenuating acoustic feedback and improving sound definition in acoustic transducers

23. The muffler (14) is connected to the intake segment (38) for attenuating pulsations within the compressed refrigerant flow.

24. Also, this reflection-based refractometer design can be used as an attenuated reflectance spectrometer at highly attenuating wavelengths.

25. Meanwhile post - stack noise removing help improve signal - to - noise further and attenuating noise arousing from processing.