attenuation|attenuations in English


[at·ten·u·a·tion || ə‚tenjʊ'eɪʃn]

reduction; weakening; decrease; diminution; being weakened; weakening of a signal as the length of a network cable increases (Computers)

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1. Media attenuation

2. Acoustic attenuation device

3. GD model combined the effective attenuation coefficient as axial exponential attenuation factor.

4. Composite acoustic attenuation materials

5. Structural acoustic attenuation panel

6. For smaller attenuations comparison is possible with a radiometer experiment at 30.1 GHz.

7. The relative current attenuation decibel value was used to indicate the microwave attenuation anisotropy.

8. Exhaust cone with acoustic attenuation system

9. Elastomer products with acoustic attenuation properties

10. Acoustic floor coverings for noise attenuation

11. Co-planar constant-attenuation phase modifier

12. Digital filter having improved attenuation characteristics

13. Materials for vibration absorption and vibration attenuation

14. Lower attenuation also means lower alcohol content.

15. Yet some form of attenuation is mandatory.

16. Bandwidth and attenuation are the key factors.

17. Sound attenuation is performed using a sound attenuation panel using an electromagnetic or electrostatic response unit to modify resonance.

18. Many practical situations require the introduction of a variable phase shift, ideally with no attenuation but at least with fixed attenuation.

19. The attenuation constant causing by radiation is obtained.

20. Influence from Ground Attenuation, Screening, Reflection, Directivity Index.

21. Attenuation of unwanted acoustic signals by semblance criterion modification

22. Mr receive coil localization and mr-based attenuation correction

23. 22 Attenuation, Scattering, Modeling water surface, Light shafts, Caustics.

24. High-frequency band pass filter assembly, comprising attenuation poles

25. Non-metallic building materials for vibration absorption and attenuation