ax in English

a tool typically used for chopping wood, usually a steel blade attached at a right angle to a wooden handle.
John enjoyed the outdoors, gardening, feeding wild turkeys, his dog, sawing and chopping wood with his axe and swede saw.
a musical instrument, especially one played by a jazz or rock musician.
They know how to bang riffs out of their axes well, but it tends to get buried beneath the mediocrity and predictability of their songwriting.
end, cancel, or dismiss suddenly and ruthlessly.
the company is axing 125 jobs
synonyms: cancel withdraw drop scrap discontinue terminate end ditch dump pull the plug on dismiss fire lay off let go discharge get rid of sack give the sackgive marching orderspink-slip
cut or strike with an ax, especially violently or destructively.
the door had been axed by the firefighters

Use "ax" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "ax" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "ax", or refer to the context using the word "ax" in the English Dictionary.

1. Give me the ax.

2. An ax with a wide, flat head and a short handle; a battle-ax.

3. AX-flying wing and AX-three stay airship which with excellent quality and are used for aerobatic performance.

4. He grinds ax on the grindstone.

5. She is an old battle-ax.

6. He grinds the ax on the grindstone.

7. To me, Cleave is an ax skill.

8. He hacked the box apart with the ax.

9. The ax severed his head from his body.

10. He whittled a new handle for his ax.

11. First the ax murders, then Len, now this?

12. Silvia, your mother-in-law's a battle-ax.

13. Jack took the ax and chopped down the beanstalk.

14. In fact, a cleaver is a class of ax.

15. Her meatballs could kill more beasts than a battle ax.

16. He ran amuck and killed his family with an ax.

17. You said he chopped it with a fucking ax.

18. Lift BOP stack and replace wellhead connector AX ring.

19. Crack it with an ax and freezing water gushes out.

20. With one swing of his ax, Paul felled twenty trees.

21. Finally I got the ax to stick from ten paces.

22. Therefore we educe the ax- is's special vibration curve of rotor.

23. When I threw, the ax glanced off with a clatter.

24. He shouldered his ax and began walking into the woods.

25. Ashley heard the whistle of the ax as it swung by.

26. Upshifting the SMG was like taking big strokes with an ax.

27. She swung the ax, hitting the log squarely in the middle.

28. Ngau Tau Where can learn the skills ax with both hands!

29. You gotta hit some people in the head with an ax.

30. He fell the tree with a dozen blows of his ax.

31. You two ever discuss the ax he had to grind with Pascal?

32. He struck off the branch with a single chop of the ax.

33. Ax suite has several bedrooms, a commom common area and a bathroom.

34. 10 The ax is already lying at the root of the trees.

35. With one stroke of his ax , he had cut the tree down.

36. Instantly she saw a surer way to defend herself than with an ax.

37. The superman testing himself with an ax, crushing the skulls of old women.

38. He was twitching because he's got my ax embedded in his nervous system!

39. . Klein, however, it had been more like waiting for an ax to fall.

40. You're the only thing that stands between him and an ax in the head.

41. The taxman went to see a waxwork in the waxworks with a heavy ax.

42. 15 Will the ax exalt itself over the one who chops with it?

43. In the meantime, I would borrow an ax to chop firewood for cooking.

44. So I went into the tool shed and I took out an ax.

45. About 40 curious onlookers stood by as firefighters cut the windshield with an ax.

46. This morning Sony announced two new digital voice recorders, the ICD-AX & ICD-UX.

47. Three people with an ax to grind, no hard evidence and some travel logs?

48. With one blow of his ax, the forester cleaved the tree stump down the center.

49. Eitrigg held his battle-ax with both hands and looked ready to go down fighting.

50. 7 The taxman went to see a waxwork in the waxworks with a heavy ax.