Meaning of word ba

in English - English Dictionary
noun Ba (barium)

white metallic element (Chemistry)

Sentence pattern with the word "ba"

Below are sample sentences containing the word "ba" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "ba", or refer to the context using the word "ba" in the English Dictionary.

1. Ao ba ba is perennially fashionable.

2. ba

3. Ba student

4. Cat Ba.

5. ba lo

6. Binh Ba Island

7. truot ba - tin

8. hello.i am ba

9. Dear mr Ba

10. ba hoa ch

11. Ali Ba-ba, he has a little farm, On his farm he has some little pigs, "Oink, Oink"cry his little pigs, On the farm of Ali Ba-ba.

12. Ba Be Lake

13. Ba Ria T-junction.

14. BA shares gained overnight.

15. "Oink, Oink"cry his little pigs, On the farm of Ali Ba-ba.

16. Ba of Wilson company.

17. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

18. Take Ba Hom route.

19. They are BA students.

20. Ba comes after Hai.

21. This way please, mr. Ba.

22. Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan

23. Flight BA dep. Heathrow 0

24. was Nui Ba Den.

25. Sin achi ir-i-ba

26. re phai tai nga ba duong

27. Ba Đen mountain overlook Tây Ninh.

28. Susan took a BA in French.

29. Your Excellency Vice Minister Ba Bong

30. Ba Den mountain overlooks Tây Ninh.

31. The Ba FC came into existence with the formation of the Ba Indian Football Association in 1935.

32. She's got a BA in English.

33. "BA-CA Tennis Trophy - Vienna" (PDF).

34. Mời vào, có phòng cho ba người.

35. I did a BA in film making.

36. Duoc ba me dua ve que choi

37. 1 She's got a BA in English.

38. ba toi dung manh nhu sieu nhan

39. 5 Susan took a BA in French.

40. Have your BA [ breathing apparatus ] near you!

41. 2 BA flight 286 was two hours late.

42. 2) I did a BA in film making.

43. Normally BA of mercerized fabric is above 200.

44. Your Excellency Vice Minister Dr Bui Ba Bong,

45. 4 I did a BA in film making.

46. Happiness is goo health an a ba memory.

47. Flight BA 4793 is now boarding at Gate

48. In China it's marked on the 8th August because eight in Chinese is 'ba' and a colloquial way of saying father is 'ba-ba' - so eighth day of the eighth month sounds like father.

49. Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival in Bac Ninh

50. 16 He graduated BA with honours in 180