bittern|bitterns in English


[bit·tern || 'bɪtən]

any of a number of brown herons which live in marshes (found in Europe and North America)

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1. Bittern Brook fishing well for chub and roach.

2. And the plan of bittern replaced salt was put forward.

3. Another variety found in Palestine is the little bittern (Ixobrychus minutus).

4. Mineral products has oil, natural gas, bittern, alluvial gold to wait.

5. Bittern numbers fluctuate from year to year and a severe winter hits them hard.

6. If use cheap bittern pink to make raw material, short of this effect.

7. The bittern was common in west and central Europe until the 19th century.

8. Of darling before bittern has 0.8 centimeters only, can you affect his body growth?

9. Sodium chlorate production process with bittern as raw material is described, and its advantages are discussed.

10. A moderate halophilic sulfate-reducing bacterium was isolated from the bittern of Zigong Salt Factory, Zigong, Sichuan.

11. The bittern still faces threats, including sea level rise, where freshwater sites along the coast could be inundated by saltwater.

12. The mud, sand and metabolized products of plankton in bittern of salt lake bring serious difficulty for deep processing of salt chemical product.

13. In the paper, a new method of separating sodium sulphates from bittern by way of ammoniating and alcoholizing has been studied.

14. Owing to the concentration of the salt in bittern is relatively high, salt particles deposit on the surface of the sample.

15. The invention relates to a method for preparing boric acid in boracic sodium chloride and potassium chloride saturated bittern solution containing boron.

16. The Great Bittern would be a very early record, according to the "Avifauna of HK", the earliest autumn record was 12th September 1987!

17. The duck with good bittern puts on the fire and smokes and bakes repeatedly slowly with the refined rape oil , until the skin oozes out the butter.

18. Concern for the bittern in the 1990s led to an intensive species-recovery programme, with research and habitat improvement and creation playing major roles.

19. 10 There are two methods, namely clay-bittern method and sodium fluosilicate method, being applied in Do-fluoride Chemicals Co. ,[] Ltd to produce cryolite.

20. The process of acceptance brine by bittern of Ye county were introduced. Calculations showed that the concentration of secondary brine met the requirements of electrolyzer .

21. The test results indicate that corrosion form of flake cast iron in bittern is mainly oxygen absorb corrosion and "graphitization" of cast iron is represented.

22. I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts.

23. Dr Avery said that recent conservation measures - combined with mild winters - had seen a welcomed increase in the number of some threatened species, such as the bittern.

24. Britain's loudest bird, the bittern, has had its best year since records began with scientists tracking more than 100 breeding males belting out their distinctive booming call.

25. His wife drank bittern, a bitter liquid that many farmers keep on hand to solidify soy milk for tofu. "When I found her, she was lying on this bed, with a bowl by her side, " Sun recalled.