bittersweet|bittersweets in English


something that is both pleasant and painful; type of plant

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1. My first taste of love oh bittersweet.

2. Sex in toilet cubicles lose its bittersweet charm?

3. Suits with bittersweet sauce, kidney, pheasant stewed chicken.

4. It 's the bittersweet in parenting .

5. All his life it would loom bittersweet in memory.

6. Being the last of a storied line may be bittersweet.

7. Bittersweet and strange Finding you can change

8. For Groningen coach Hans Westerhof defeat was bittersweet.

9. Along the way she tells a poignant, bittersweet story.

10. We ate handfuls of bittersweet chocolate chips and licked peanut butter off spoons.

11. And so their tale is a bittersweet ballad of love and hate.

12. Even the one tale that concludes with a victory contains a bittersweet tinge.

13. The suspense, hilarity and seduction will keep you sucked in'till the bittersweet enthralling end.

14. Fado is a bittersweet style music filled with longing and yearning.

15. August, despite its slow drag and logistical flaws, still holds surprises, sweet and bittersweet.

16. He follows Cohen's bittersweet romanticism with a solid dose of Sonic Youth.

17. But Choi is fittingly philosophical about the often bittersweet reality of the Korean - American dream.

18. The events that followed constitute one of the most bittersweet narratives in all of scripture.

19. Reading the inscription on the now yellowing frontispiece gives me such bittersweet emotions, even now.

20. New Zealand wrapped with crispy nuts, evaporated milk, with bitter chocolate, taste the flavor of life, bittersweet.

21. From one room wafts the bittersweet smell of chocolate being gently heated and stirred by chocolatiers.

22. 26 Infected bittersweet, a weed found along river banks, has been picked up bordering the River Ouse.

23. The feel of a feather would smell like my mother's bittersweet smell of coffee.

24. Straus' style evokes a bygone era, her language lyric, her ruminations bittersweet and poetic.

25. In her memoir, the actress wrote about the bittersweet memories of her first love.