bitty|bittier|bittiest in English


fragmentary, consisting of pieces; small, tiny

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1. The play is rather bitty.

2. I thought the film was rather bitty.

3. Just that little itty-bitty one?

4. The song was Little Bitty Tear.

5. The programme was bitty and pointless.

6. She's just a little bitty wisp of a girl.

7. My friends get upset over itty-bitty problems they have.

8. Did I hurt the big-time oncologist's itty-bitty feelings?

9. A little bitty tin bell, two, maybe three feet high.

10. Are you still dating that itty bitty guy with the motorcycle?

11. That is, as long as I can bring one little bitty chocolate bar.

12. Little bitty pieces of white bread with fat greasy meat inside.

13. 24 That is, as long as I can bring one little bitty chocolate bar.

14. The play finally jerks its disjointed and bitty way to an arbitrary conclusion.

15. But enter with this caution: The itty-bitty Minipod costs $ 800 a pair.

16. Every single itty-bitty detail must be correct or chances are that your definition is wrong.

17. When I was a little bitty baby, my mamma used to rock me in my cradle.

18. I enjoyed the film but I found it quite bitty, jumping from one family's story to another.

19. We used different words to describe the snail : tiny , itty - bitty , eensy weensy, very little.

20. They wheeled in the rocket scientists, who started to carve up mortgage securities into itty-bitty pieces.

21. Singe an itty-bitty, Charlie! - I get this ding - a - ling every time I come in here.

22. We can only see an itty bitty, tiny portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that we call visible light.

23. I started participating when I was about 3 years old in junior rodeos , getting on itty-bitty calves.

24. And so I decided to write my own rap song called the " Itty- Bitty Dot " about the decimal point.

25. They walk on into their water kingdom with grounded certainty and are quickly obscured by the dark and bitty sea.