bivalve|bivalves in English


[bi·valve || 'baɪvælv]

mollusk with two shells that are hinged together in the middle (Zoology)

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1. Jurassic marine bivalve is very rich, non-marine bivalves also developed rapidly, and their continental formation on the division and correlation played an important role.

2. Scallops, like oysters, are derived from bivalves.

3. Metals How sediment influences amounts of metal accumulated by bivalves

4. Both halves of this delicate bivalve are exactly matched.

5. Gastropods consist of just one piece, while bivalves produce hinged two-piece shells

6. Venous valves are classified according to their structures: bivalves, monovalves, and venous cristae.

7. The epiphytal samples consisted of a rich supply of amphipods, bivalves, and algae.

8. 4 Among 52 species of mollusca identified , 45 were gastropods, 7 were bivalves.

9. The fauna in the Joli Fou consists of bivalves and arenaceous forams.

10. (d) for open water facilities including those producing bivalve molluscs, a conversion period of three months.

11. This allowed them to follow 431 "lineages" of marine bivalve through the course of geological time.

12. The same piece of rock also includes internal moulds of gastropods and bivalves.

13. Looking at present-day biodiversity patterns in 4000 bivalve species, they have found no relationship between habitable area - in this case, continental shelf - and the number of bivalve species.

14. Consider: Engineers analyzed two seashell forms —bivalve (clamshell-style) and spiral (screw-shaped).

15. Most bivalve fossils are a few centimetres long; the ideal size for collecting.

16. Recent progresses of study on sperm ultrastructure of Bivalve, Gasteropod and Cephalopoda were introduced.

17. The giant bivalves jammed the cracks between the black tufts of lava that covered the ocean floor.

18. Dyspanopeus sayi lives predominantly on muddy bottoms, where it is a predator of bivalve molluscs.

19. (d) for open water facilities including those farming bivalve molluscs, a three month conversion period.

20. But did you ever notice anyone try to open the terrestrial bivalve with a typewriter?

21. Of the two, the bivalve molluscs are much the most significant in the sea today.

22. The thick-shelled bivalves have greater lifespans than do other molluscs, and turtles and tortoises outlive other reptiles.

23. In spite of their general conservatism the bivalves did produce some short-lived, bizarre forms with no living survivors.

24. They really are extinct, but managed to compete successfully with the bivalves for a considerable time.

25. What is true of bivalves is without much doubt true of the majority of benthic invertebrates.