biweekly|biweeklies in English


[bi·week·ly || ‚baɪ'wiːklɪ]

publication issued every two weeks

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1. Students meet biweekly to discuss their experiences.

2. A biweekly mode in the equatorial Indian Ocean.

3. Transmitted direct deposit pay biweekly federal and state taxes.

4. He used to see them at the biweekly meetings.

5. 9 A biweekly mode in the equatorial Indian Ocean.

6. She asked him to contribute a biweekly article on European affairs.

7. The group meets on a regular basis, usually weekly or biweekly.

8. Biweekly knowledge meeting would be held and all scientists and managers attend to share experiences.

9. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing has also asked her to write a biweekly blog.

10. The patient was followed semi - weekly with biophysical profiles, and biweekly for growth scans.

11. There are 6 biweekly problem sets . These homework assignments constitute 40 % of the course grade.

12. With parking revenue in excess of $ 1 million a year, its streets receive biweekly steam - cleaning.

13. The Advocate, based in Los Angeles, is a biweekly news magazine covering stories of particular interest to homosexuals.

14. From June 1999 to 2006, she wrote columns for the biweekly Novaya Gazeta, a newspaper with strong investigative reporting that was critical of the new post-Soviet regime from the outset.