blood in English

the red liquid that circulates in the arteries and veins of humans and other vertebrate animals, carrying oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body.
drops of blood
synonyms: plasma vital fluid gore lifeblood ichor
initiate (someone) in a particular activity.
clubs are too slow in blooding young players
a member of a North American Indian people belonging to the Blackfoot Confederacy.
Even if Charlie had concentrated more on the Blackfeet and Bloods , the overall look of De Yong's warriors was Russell inspired.

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1. Blood of my blood.

2. Blood will have blood.

3. Blood must atone for blood.

4. Raised blood pressure Raised blood glucose Abnormal blood lipids Overweight/Obesity

5. Blood pressure is the force blood exerts against blood vessel walls.

6. It had smelled blood, fresh blood.

7. Either Near Blood or Blood Beaters.

8. Blood tests, such as complete blood count, blood chemistries, and cardiac enzymes.

9. Blood typing: Classification of blood by inherited antigens associated with erythrocytes (red blood cells).

10. • segregation of autologous, directed donation blood and blood components from the allogeneic blood supply

11. 11 A kind of disinfectant for blood contaminant can dissolve blood and blood coagulum.

12. The second subcategory of blood-to-blood contact is transmission by receipt of contaminated blood transfusions or of contaminated blood products.

13. Whole blood is normally used in blood transfusions.

14. Blood donors give blood for use in hospitals.

15. (7) How may doctors (a) minimize blood loss, (b) conserve red blood cells, (c) stimulate blood production, and (d) recover lost blood?

16. A blood plasma for human use pooled from donors which belong to 10 % or more to a non-Caucasian population, the plasma obtainable by mixing blood or blood plasma of blood groups A and B, optionally AB without admixing substantial amounts of blood or blood plasma of blood group 0 characterized in that four to eight parts of blood or blood plasma from donors having the blood group A, more than three parts to seven parts of blood or blood plasma from donors having the blood group B, zero to two parts of blood or blood plasma from donors having the blood group AB.

17. Through infected blood and blood products entering the bloodstream.

18. com/atherogenic.html], elevated blood pressure and elevated blood glucose.

19. Blood sticks consistency taller, blood pressure on the high side, drink water more can attenuant blood?

20. Sweat is derived from blood plasma and blood salts.

21. Delayed menstruation differentiated between blood heat and blood clod.

22. Royal blood.

23. Perioperative blood loss is compensated by allogenic blood transfusion.

24. Blood vessels

25. Blood blisters.

26. Blood fractions.

27. Blood everywhere?

28. New blood.

29. Blood donation?

30. Blood offerings?

31. Meantime, the vital sign, intracranial pressure (ICP), blood sugar, blood gas values, blood electrolyte were measured.

32. • Review articles on blood fractions and alternatives to blood.

33. Are blood capillary burst and blood capillary dilate same?

34. * Blood culture .

35. elevated levels of some liver or blood enzymes, high blood levels of uric acid, low blood levels

36. ▪ Hypotensive anesthesia reduces blood loss by lowering blood pressure.

37. Complete blood count. CBC will not reflect acute blood loss.

38. The same occurs with blood pressure: Increasing the rate of flow of blood or decreasing the caliber of the blood vessel elevates the blood pressure.

39. Carrier for blood component adsorption and blood component adsorption column

40. Complications may include blood clots, infections, and high blood pressure.

41. coli in blood and on biological functions of blood cells.

42. 12. blood component: active component of blood (... plasma), which may be prepared from blood by various methods;

43. Analysis position, courses of axillary vein, lateral thoracic blood vessels, thoracoacromial blood vessels and subscapular blood vessels.

44. Blood routine, biochemical and plasmic electrolytes were examined in preoperative and postoperative venous blood and intraoperative collected blood.

45. The lipid peroxide(LPO)in venous blood, pneumorrhagia blood and endocardial blood was determined by TBA fluorescence method.

46. I have expertise in blood pattern identification (blood spatter), trajectory determination, serology (blood and body fluids), and photography.

47. Transducers for blood pressure, blood gas and heart activity detection

48. Blood Transfusion Currently all blood donors are initially screened and blood is not accepted from high risk individuals.

49. 6 The blood bank has run out of type O blood.

50. Atone for death by death. Shed blood for old blood shed.