bob in English

a style in which the hair is cut short and evenly all around so that it hangs above the shoulders.
She had auburn hair styled in a bob cut, gentle, hazel eyes, and the greatest smile that had ever graced any thin, yet soft face.
a weight on a pendulum, plumb line, or kite-tail.
The functioning of a key depends on its rigidity whilst that of clocks and watches depend crucially on the weight of pendulum bobs or the elasticity of springs.
(of a thing) make a quick short movement up and down.
I could see his red head bobbing around

Use "bob" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "bob" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "bob", or refer to the context using the word "bob" in the English Dictionary.

1. Bob, you're undercover.

2. From pastor Bob.

3. Bob the Builder!

4. Bob phoned twice today.

5. Hi Bob! How's life?

6. Bob and Beth continue to bargain for over an hour and Bob won't compromise.

7. Bob speaks slowly, laboriously, didactically.

8. Bob looked pale and sullen.

9. Bob triumphantly announced his promotion.

10. I'm Bob Doulty in Washington.

11. Have you looked outside, Bob?

12. Hi Bob, how you doing?

13. These questions often bob up.

14. The public key owner must be verifiable A public key associated with Bob actually came from Bob.

15. You're a good match for Bob.

16. Bob likes a big room, sir.

17. Bob, you're a typical couch potato.

18. Bob, shall we dine out somewhere?

19. I tend to agree with Bob.

20. Is Bob a ball of fire?

21. Bob ordered brigade HQ to embark.

22. Bob was jailed for grand theft.

23. Put that in the corner, Bob.

24. Bob, Harris is The Black Badger!

25. Bob was always genial and welcoming.

26. There's nobody named Bob Hope here.

27. Isn't aerodyne taking care of Bob?

28. Bob Dole, the likely Republican nominee.

29. Bob Mankoff: That's my first wife.

30. Bob and Jenny sang a duet.

31. Bill and Bob are boon companions.

32. And after that, Bob went rogue.

33. He served his apprenticeship with Bob.

34. Bob was wearing a business suit.

35. Bob Bennett, the Ohio Republican chairman.

36. com/bob woodward.html) would fix everything.

37. Bob likes watching the fair sex.

38. Bob reversed into a parking space.

39. Bob: Why? You are my groomsman.

40. Jack has credit with Mr. Bob.

41. Bob: I'll have a light beer.

42. The votes will be tabulated by Ike and Bob Rooney from the accounting firm Ike and Bob Rooney.

43. Bob tried to grab all the profit.

44. Nor is Bob anywise a good neighbor.

45. Bob did not overplay his obvious selfishness.

46. Bob Dylan touch a nerve of disaffection.

47. When Bob Dylan calls, musicians come running.

48. I lent her my Bob Marley tapes.

49. A boxer learns to bob and weave.

50. Is Bob an old friend of yours?