bobby socks in English

short socks reaching just above the ankle (used chiefly in the 1940s and 1950s to refer to the socks worn by teenage girls).
In Isis, a young girl with a small, sweet smile poses shyly in a short white dress, bobby socks and a wedding veil.

Use "bobby socks" in a sentence

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1. Includes pairs of black socks, pairs of taupe socks, pair of cream socks and pair of brown socks.

2. Hold on, Bobby!

3. Dark socks.

4. Bobby signed the report.

5. Hello ! Bobby . I'm Doggie.

6. Bobby, it's our last chance.

7. He saves on socks.

8. I have red socks.

9. Hey, are those bobby pins?

10. Ties and Bow Ties, Hosiery Goods, Socks and Stockings, Hosiery Goods, Socks, and Neckwear.

11. Sorry, Bobby, I can't rat.

12. Just socks. And a melon.

13. Emily knitted him some socks.

14. Maybe Monica has a bobby pin.

15. Do you have a bobby pin?

16. Bobby Darren was crooning 'Dream Lover'.

17. Aunt Emilie darned old socks.

18. Bobby knew the repercussions about homosexual lifestyle.

19. Bobby was eighteen, nineteen, something like that.

20. He was wearing odd socks.

21. 17 Hitch up your socks.

22. Peppermint sherbet and persimmon socks

23. Bobby poked him in the ribs.

24. My boyhood hero was Bobby Charlton.

25. Next a tiger and Bobby said, " Pussy. "