bocce in English

an Italian game similar to lawn bowling but played on a shorter, narrower green.
And we'll head south as well, to a school in Melbourne, where students are learning all manner of sports not usually of interest to Australian teenagers, like bocce , the Italian bowls game.

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1. Exported quality bocce is offered by our factory.

2. That's like bocce. We have this sort of metal ball.

3. There's also bocce, lawn darts, horseshoes, Frisbee, and catch.

4. Why are you laughing? -I was just thinking of Bocce shirts.

5. Our factory offering bocce is largely sell to Italy, France, America.

6. 'There's something wonderfully calming about playing bocce 53 stories in the air, ' Mr. Ewton said.

7. Start with the old-fashioned ones -- badminton, shuffleboard, horseshoes, Wiffle ball, or bocce.

8. He plays bocce, chess and checkers. He scrubs pots and pans in the prison kitchen.

9. He took a break from a board meeting recently to play bocce with two of them.

10. Out of the 34 major competitions in the 4th All-China Games, small ball sports account for including billiards, squash, golf, bowling, and bocce.

11. Become the Bocce World Champion and compete in exotic locations around the world including the Eiffel Tower, New York Central Park and South Pole.

12. Instead of going out to the movies we play board games. Instead of bowling, we jury-rig a game of bocce ball using dice in our carpeted hallway.

13. This paper makes analysis on how to improve the quality of bocce classes, from psychology, skill tactics, match and the psychological adjustment, puts forward specific methods and measures.

14. On board Celebrity Solstice, real grass is used in the half-acre Lawn Club where passengers can enjoy a picnic or join a game of bocce or croquet. Watch glass blowers in action.