bock in English

a strong dark beer brewed in the fall and drunk in the spring.
Extra strong ales and lagers, bock beer, Adam bier, and barley wine are the brandy, cognac, and port equivalents of the beer world, capable of Armagnac status on the tongue.

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1. "Bock to Demand Recount of Vote".

2. She is sent bock for the passport.

3. You can't get the bock anywhere but here.

4. Conclusion The plotting of control state is important in bock design.

5. Bock, a one-time property developer, himself owns 19 percent of the company.

6. 26) Dieter Bock, was dining at the 5 - star Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg.

7. Bock looked frightened, but Grigoriev's face was predatory and full of avid intent.

8. Boat was examined by Bock on Wednesday and will have another examination today.

9. 8 Bock looked frightened, but Grigoriev's face was predatory and full of avid intent.

10. If the collar won't stay in place. I shall have to pin it bock.

11. 28 Bock looked frightened,( but Grigoriev's face was predatory and full of avid intent.

12. The old gentleman with the ramrod bock and twinkling eyes had indeed done many things.

13. Following the recommendations of Otto Bock the indications for the prescription of the C-leg® are: Amputees with mobility level “able to walk outdoors without limitations” (AK3) and “able to walk outdoors without limitations plus engage in high performance activities” (AK4) if they face at least one extra obstacle as listed in the Otto Bock catalogue of indications.

14. "Oakland is an open-air sex market for young children, " said Sharmin Bock, assistant in charge of special operations for the district attorney's office in Alameda County, where Oakland is.

15. Like many of the two dozen or so people who were standing in line for free Shiner Bock beer on Austin's 6th Street, I am a "Creator".

16. Among the smaller brewers , Samuel Adams has taken an exclusive blend of chocolate and created its Chocolate Bock, a full-flavored dark beer with a smooth chocolate taste.

17. German physician Leonhart Fuchs (1501–1566) was one of "the three German fathers of botany", along with theologian Otto Brunfels (1489–1534) and physician Hieronymus Bock (1498–1554) (also called Hieronymus Tragus).