bodices in English

the part of a woman's dress (excluding sleeves) that is above the waist.
The bride wore an ivory strapless satin dress with a sweetheart bodice , shoulder-length veil, full skirt and long train embroidered with baby pearls and sequins.

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1. Bodices addle their brains... and arouse their base instincts.

2. From the whalebone bodices of the nineteen hundreds to the flimsy teasers of the nineties.

3. Three young women sat around the edges of the room; they looked bored and a little cold in their scanty bodices.

4. As far as possible bunads are made of natural materials: linen or cotton for shirts, silk for kerchiefs, vests and bodices, and Tempered Glass Lazy Susan, jackets, trousers and stockings.