bodleian library in English

the main research library of Oxford University, and one of six copyright libraries in the UK.

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1. Of course, the Bodleian Library claims that those manuscripts were bought legitimately, just like the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum.

2. An alternative history of the song is suggested by the fact that a collection of ballads, dated between 1813 and 1838, is held in the Bodleian Library.

3. In his life he had amassed a large collection of ancient manuscripts, and in his will he bequeathed these to the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford.

4. The buildings referred to as the university's main research library, The Bodleian, consist of the original Bodleian Library in the Old Schools Quadrangle, founded by Sir Thomas Bodley in 1598 and opened in 1602, the Radcliffe Camera, the Clarendon Building, and the Weston Library.