body clock in English

a person's or animal's biological clock.
Our body clock , our internal clock, is linked to the 24-hour day.

Use "body clock" in a sentence

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1. My body clock shows a middle finger to this idea.

2. This result might indicate that the body clock is slow to mature in premature babies.

3. 21) Adjusting your body clock Sometimes we want to change the timing of our life-style.

4. Jet lag is caused because the body clock does not readjust immediately to the time change.

5. Synchronise your body clock by getting up and going to bed at the same time every day. Avoid daytime naps .

6. Scientists have now produced a pill that allows you to reset your body clock to suit your partner or lifestyle.

7. It was late afternoon, she had to keep reminding herself, even though her body-clock seemed stubbornly convinced it was bedtime.

8. Studying the body clock for extended periods of time Consider the following experimental design for a volunteer studied on his own.

9. 30) Is it a function of our body clock or our life-style, or due to some interaction between the two?

10. 8 We have stressed the regularity that is observed in free-running experiments and interpreted it as evidence for the body clock.

11. 7 Those few studies that have been carried out in free-running experiments suggest that the body clock might run slightly faster.

12. 25) In all cases, the effect of the body clock is being accentuated by our life-style, generally by means of the hormone adrenalin.

13. Shift work is extraordinary, perhaps 20 percent of the working population, and the body clock does not shift to the demands of working at night.