body count in English

a list or total of casualties.
She had had more than a few close calls, but as yet, her parents remained the only two on the list of her body count .

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2. The body count stands at

3. 26 The body count stands at

4. What's the body count this time?

5. A higher body count score, for one thing.

6. It turned out yet another grim body count.

7. Is the compassionate gesture worth the potential body count?

8. There won't be no medals for a body count.

9. The daily body count increased as the war went on.

10. The body count seems to go down during the rainy season.

11. We were horrified as the body count rose higher and higher.

12. Commanders tend to exaggerate their success with a higher body count.

13. This is what you are left with after war - a body count.

14. The present day, we'll deny it. The body count, a steady rise.

15. The movie depends on good dialogue rather than violence and a high body count.

16. Body count mathis: two guerillas plus two cats =37 en emies killed in action.

17. Martian Body Count" opened this week! It's the prequel to "Doctor Decimator Atomizes Mars.

18. But a rapidly escalating body count forces her to face up to what's really happening.

19. 7 Martian Body Count" opened this week! It's the prequel to "Doctor Decimator Atomizes Mars.

20. The body count was probably higher, maybe as high as though police could never prove it.

21. By this time the body count was getting so high(Sentencedict), sensible people refused to ride along with us.

22. I think we stayed for about a week just trying to get more and more of a body count.

23. The lone dissenter was the NZD/USD which saw fresh 0.7435 lows as the body count from yesterday's earthquake grew.

24. Police raised their body count in a case they say proves that the former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic covered up war crimes.

25. As the body count rose, Gainesville Police Chief Wayland Clifton called for help from the FBI, the Florida Highway Patrol and other agencies.

26. It took 277 trials and errors to produce Doily the sheep, creating a cellular body count that would look like sheer carnage if the cells were human.