body odor in English

the smell of the human body, especially when unpleasant.
    body odour

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1. That is body odor...

2. First, no body odor body Odor ; Second, eat very little; Third, do not need much space.

3. His body odor is very strong.

4. Ear Wax, Body Odor: Breast Cancer Link?

5. It's my body odor. That's what men go ga- ga over.

6. Sometimes this sweat or wetness can be smelly and create body odor .

7. The powerful smell of cabbage, sardines, and body odor filled the train.

8. Dermatology: Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, body odor, eczema, frostbite, spots, freckles and so on.

9. EASTROSE roll on deodorant , removes body odor, change the odor to be perfumed.

10. Other side effects include bad breath, body odor, heartburn, upset stomach, and allergic reactions.

11. What if you could take your own natural body odor and send it to a lover?

12. Using deodorant (or deodorant with antiperspirant) every day can help keep body odor in check, too.

13. The body odor is a to up privacy question, affects the patient life and the enterprise.

14. Those have the person of body odor, also suffer from rhinitis at the same time?

15. They know who you are based on what you produce from your breath, skin, sweat and body odor.

16. Kids talk candidly and loudly about their Santa experience, and are quick to point out body odor and bad breath.

17. Turn-offs can range from things like bad breath, body odor, excessive noise or a reference to an ex-partner.

18. The sweat gland of human being consists of eccrine gland and large sweat gland( apocrine gland) which is the root of body odor.

19. Unfortunately for all you hard-workers out there, the pheromone that accompanies male body odor that's been baking on the skin for awhile -- androstenone -- is a female repellent.

20. East Asians tend to see whites are rather less intelligent than themselves, and emitters of strong, sour body odor. Asians stereotype blacks as unintelligent, oversexed, and given to crime.

21. "They included skatole, a component of feces; trimethylamine, one of the essences of rotting fish; and several of the more pungent fatty acids that contribute to rancid human body odor, " Ed says.