body piercing in English

the piercing of holes in parts of the body other than the earlobes in order to insert rings or other decorative objects.
Donna B. Somerkin specializes in body piercing and belly button rings.

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1. ● Medical, dental, tattooing, or body-piercing instruments that have not been properly sterilized

2. As with getting a tattoo, the major risk associated with body piercing is one of infection.

3. Perhaps it is the rise in the popularity of body piercing that has made the word tragus a more recognizable word.

4. Did you have this treatment, or have you had any, ear , bise, body piercing , tattoos or any semi - permanent make - up in the last year?

5. High risk of exposure has been defined as occurring when travellers engage in unprotected sex, undergo invasive medical/dental interventions or receive tattoos, body piercing or acupuncture.

6. In travellers, HBV can be transmitted through sexual contact, use of unsterile equipment during medical or dental care, tattooing, body piercing, acupuncture, receipt of blood transfusions or injection drug use(1,6,37,38).

7. AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) Safer Tattooing and Body Piercing AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM) is a volunteer-based community organization providing support, primarily in English, to people affected by HIV and AIDS.

8. Think of some examples of the sorrow and suffering that come from ignoring the prophets’ counsel on subjects such as gambling, pornography, the Word of Wisdom, cheating, tattoos, body piercing, dressing immodestly, or dating before the age of 16.