body shop in English

a garage where repairs to the bodies of vehicles are carried out.
North American vehicle manufacturers have been pursuing and promoting the ability to produce a variable mix of models with the same body shop and assembly line, for example switching between a sedan and an SUV on the fly.

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1. 18 The Body Shop expanded rapidly under the franchise system.

2. Yes ! Timberland, Pfizer and The Body Shop are doing just that.

3. Refitting the headlamp of a double-decker in the Body Shop.

4. A more tactful idea would be a new Body Shop perfume.

5. Car production stopped because of a wildcat strike by workers in the body shop.

6. I called in from my body shop, and Jericho made me sound like a schmuck.

7. The move into Darlington will bring the worldwide total of Body Shop outlets to 7

8. In contrast, Body Shop issued a profits warning as its new product strategy hit problems.

9. Did you just grab a cock from the body shop and jam it between his eyes?

10. The clockmaker stood in front of a boarded-up body shop, and the gritty sidewalk was deserted.

11. Before Nau, Yolles worked in a succession of senior brand marketing roles at Nike, Patagonia and The Body Shop.

12. The Body Shop, well known for its environmental concerns, increased its giving sevenfold to £240,000 between 1987 and 1990.

13. The Body Shop, well known for its environmental concerns, increased its giving sevenfold to £2000 between 1987 and 19

14. In September 1994, Entine wrote an investigative article titled "Shattered Image: Is The Body Shop Too Good to Be True?"

15. 19 Body Shop staff adopt a young unemployed person on a one-to-one basis, helping with job applications, for example.

16. The most serious allegation against him involved the November 1998 slaying of three men at an automobile body shop in Montebello.

17. The Body Shop as a group joined Friends of the Earth and pursued such policies as using recycled paper for packaging.

18. From its first launch in the UK in 1976, The Body Shop experienced rapid growth, expanding at a rate of 50 percent annually.

19. Here the machines, which you might find in a metal shop, wood shop or auto-body shop, stand near sculptures you might find in a museum.

20. Because of our expertise in creating wax and silicone-free products for fresh paint environments, you will find many of our paint cleaners and polishes are paintable and body shop safe.

21. The "Shattered Image" article had originally been scheduled to be published as a 10,000-word feature in Vanity Fair earlier in 1994 but was dropped after legal threats by The Body Shop.