bodyguard in English

a person or group of people hired to escort and protect another person, especially a dignitary.
Already, she is in need of bodyguards to protect her from the all-too-real threat of stalkers.
synonyms: guard personal guard protector guardian defender escort chaperon/chaperone heavy goon hired gun

Use "bodyguard" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "bodyguard" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "bodyguard", or refer to the context using the word "bodyguard" in the English Dictionary.

1. Nathaniel's advisor and bodyguard.

2. His big bodyguard patted me down.

3. Maybe you should hire a bodyguard.

4. The President's bodyguard is / are armed.

5. Bodyguard lovely singh reporting, ma'am.

6. Bodyguard who works for a private security firm.

7. "The Bodyguard" is a fairly bog-standard thriller.

8. His bodyguard was armed with a pistol.

9. 7 His bodyguard was armed with a pistol.

10. A personal bodyguard had been assigned to her.

11. He keeps a bodyguard of ten men.

12. I should put you on the payroll as a bodyguard.

13. After the wars, he is assigned to be Sion's bodyguard.

14. A strong man hired as a bodyguard or thug.

15. Houston's co-star in "The Bodyguard" was Kevin Costner.

16. Later, I worked as a bodyguard for a gangster.

17. The Queen's bodyguard is standing at the entrance.

18. The lingerie company provides me with a bodyguard.

19. I just need to make arrangements for a replacement bodyguard.

20. He's posing as her date, but he's really her bodyguard.

21. It includes the royal bodyguard and the Royal Bhutan Police.

22. 14 She has her own personal secretary/bodyguard/fitness instructor.

23. 20 Being the President's bodyguard is obviously a hazardous occupation.

24. Being the President's bodyguard is obviously a hazardous occupation.

25. She has her own personal secretary/bodyguard/fitness instructor.

26. 'Bodyguard' and 'floppy disk' are two examples of compounds.

27. Did you miss the part about my bodyguard has gone missing?

28. Amram "Bulldog" Hashbian (Yossef Abu Varda) - Baruch's friend and personal bodyguard.

29. Why, a bodyguard, of course, three if you can swing it.

30. The King had brought his own bodyguard of twenty armed men.

31. Then, as we neared home again, I noticed Iobates' bodyguard hiding in ambush.

32. With a very scary bodyguard and a very gorgeous watch.

33. She has to have an armed bodyguard wherever she goes.

34. The formation was given the title Leibstandarte (Bodyguard Regiment) Adolf Hitler (LAH).

35. Eliminating is somebody scandalous to change line of vision 360 safe bodyguard.

36. You accosted his bodyguard outside of one of my clubs last night.

37. If you're wearing a two-piece suit, you might be the bodyguard.

38. Instead of taking a small bodyguard, Ndofa's taking the Simbas with him.

39. King Richard the Lionhearted and his bodyguard of hand-picked knights.

40. My bodyguard was the only one there, and my voice was completely gone.

41. His main job was guarding Dodi acting as his chauffeur, bodyguard and dogsbody.

42. The bodyguard was killed while checking the president's car for booby traps.

43. A bodyguard was killed and Steen Birger Brask wounded - in the shooting at Dan Oil today.

44. Here is Kuhuang Temple, the deity bodyguard absolutely will not knowingly possessing a bride price list.

45. In Iron Man, he is shown to be Tony Stark's bodyguard, chauffeur and friend.

46. Kleomenes came, with a bodyguard, and with his backing Isagoras took proceedings against Kleisthenes.

47. Her chief bodyguard, Jerry Richardson, was sentenced in 1990 to death for the boy's murder.

48. Photographs were published of her in a compromising position/situation with her bodyguard.

49. A bodyguard taped their conversations, escaped abroad, then leaked excerpts to the opposition.

50. During the past three centuries, Wrex has worked as a bodyguard, mercenary, soldier and a bounty hunter.