boffin in English

a person engaged in scientific or technical research.
a computer boffin

Use "boffin" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "boffin" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "boffin", or refer to the context using the word "boffin" in the English Dictionary.

1. Mrs Boffin is driving the car. Professor Boffin is sitting on the back seat.

2. Mother:Thank you, Professor Boffin.

3. Mother:Good morning, Professor Boffin.

4. Mother:Your umbrella leaks, Professor Boffin!

5. "Many happy returns, dear, " Professor Boffin said.

6. Sandy:Scientists are very clever men, Professor Boffin.

7. "Because it says, 'No parking, '" Professor Boffin answers.

8. One day, Professor Boffin walked in a street.

9. Sandy:Have you ever been to Russia, Professor Boffin?

10. Sandy:How long ago were you in America, Professor Boffin?

11. What can she see?She can see Professor Boffin.

12. He was always a bit of a boffin, even at school.

13. Mother:Because Professor and Mrs Boffin will come to tea this afternoon.

14. Mrs Boffin: It looks like cement. It feels like cement, too!

15. The police take away the car, and they take Professor Boffin, too!

16. Mrs Boffin:My goodness Professor Boffin! Look at this bag! It is cement!

17. Father:Look! That's Mrs Boffin. She's coming now. Open the front door, Betty.

18. Narrator: Sandy and Sue are coming home from school. They meet Professor Boffin.

19. A computer boffin is set to make £5million from his revolutionary photo technology.

20. Oldfield was never conferred with boffin status, unlike his contemporary, Mr Ambient himself, Brian Eno.

21. This was contrary to the opinion of the world and society which thought of him as a boffin.

22. The boffin claims to be able to lower bust-up ratios by analysing responses to statements about their lifestyles.

23. Three wore the white coats of the back-room boffin, the fourth was diminutive, little more than a boy.

24. Data mining, which has been considered as a important methods in the analysis of time series, received more attention came from boffin.