bog spavin in English

a soft swelling of the joint capsule of the hock of horses that most commonly occurs in young, fast-growing horses.
Sweating is used to reduce fluid retention, reduce windgalls, reduce bog spavins and tighten tendons.

Use "bog spavin" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "bog spavin" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "bog spavin", or refer to the context using the word "bog spavin" in the English Dictionary.

1. Yellow bog asphodel

2. Pink bog heather

3. Have you got any bog roll ?

4. Just bog off and leave me alone!

5. Bog off, I'm trying to sleep!

6. Negotiations are likely to bog down.

7. Bog off and leave me alone.

8. They were told to bog off.

9. We've run out of bog paper/roll.

10. Low , flat , swampy landa bog or marsh.

11. He'll bog us down with red tape.

12. The vote would bog down the house.

13. The negotiations are likely to bog down.

14. Bog off! Get out of our country!

15. How did the construction work bog down?

16. A bog-eyed incubus on day release from hell?

17. "The Bodyguard" is a fairly bog-standard thriller.

18. Your car will bog down in the mud.

19. 1) She remembered watching peasants clear the unworked peat bog.

20. The attack would bog down sooner or later.

21. He found himself in a vast stagnant bog.

22. Don't walk across that field, it's a bog.

23. 20 We've run out of bog paper/roll.

24. Coldwater quest I actually like bog-standard goldfish.

25. Sam was on the bog when I arrived.