break down in English

a mechanical failure.
Most of the contenders in the JWRC suffered mechanical breakdowns , punctures or accidents.
a failure of a relationship or system.
the breakdown of their marriage
the chemical or physical decomposition of something.
the breakdown of ammonia to nitrites
a lively, energetic American country dance.

Use "break down" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "break down" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "break down", or refer to the context using the word "break down" in the English Dictionary.

1. Microorganisms That Break Down Oil

2. Vital organs begin to break down.

3. His nervous system will break down.

4. Outside the cell, they break down.

5. It's hard to break down old prejudices.

6. Some pesticides break down safely in water.

7. Is price war break down to procrastinate adversary?

8. Men are left idle when machines break down.

9. So what else will break down abalone shell?

10. To develop production we must break down regionalism.

11. Break down, see more with monoplegia or paraplegia , sometimes but limb paralysis, have disease urgenter, break down degree but can weigh gently.

12. Nor do paper cups break down quickly if buried.

13. The old class divisions had begun to break down.

14. At last, break down green rampart of international trade.

15. Bacteria are added to help break down the sewage.

16. Does the fryer break down into easily manageable parts?

17. They used a ram to break down the door.

18. Break down fetishes and superstitions and emancipate the mind.

19. Martin Luther King tried to break down racial discrimination.

20. If law and order break down, anarchy will result.

21. 15 Men are left idle when machines break down.

22. It takes a long time to break down prejudices.

23. The police tried to break down the prisoner's opposition.

24. The machine must break down at this busy hour.

25. You must break down your muscles to build them up.

26. We want to break down barriers between doctors and patients.

27. Many people were expecting the peace talks would break down.

28. Papaya and pineapple contain enzymes which break down soft protein.

29. Some rocks from volcanoes break down to form black sand.

30. This energy crystal will break down in around 24 hours.

31. Break down the apparently unattainable activity to small doable steps.

32. With potatoes, for example, the cell structure can break down.

33. So they multiply rapidly and effectively break down the impurities.

34. What gives you the right to break down my door?

35. When this occurs, the mast cells start to break down.

36. 2 Does the fryer break down into easily manageable parts?

37. Plasmin is the main protease to break down and dissolve thrombus.

38. Little by little, though, we were able to break down prejudice.

39. Claims that anti-cellulite creams can break down fat are controversial.

40. You'd better check over the car to fix its break down.

41. Our hand torches for the night watch began to break down.

42. She feared that he would burn himself out or break down.

43. The most serious when can happen break down, relieve oneself is incontinent .

44. Many cancers rely on collagenase to break down collagen in connective tissues.

45. Your reclining chair will break down on August 12 at 7 pm.

46. The chemicals break down the faeces and obviously kill any bacteria present.

47. The talks were meant to break down barriers between the two groups.

48. With strength born of desperation, she managed to break down the door.

49. Stir gently to distribute the fruits and break down any ice crystals.

50. Police had to break down the door to get into the flat.