bump in English

a light blow or a jolting collision.
a nasty bump on the head
a protuberance on a level surface.
bumps in the road
knock or run into someone or something, typically with a jolt.
I almost bumped into him
synonyms: hit crash intosmash intosmack intoslam into bang into knock into run into plow intoram intocollide with strike

Use "bump" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "bump" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "bump", or refer to the context using the word "bump" in the English Dictionary.

1. The shoulder bump.

2. Bump up your accessories.

3. It showed a bump.

4. Don't bump up prices.

5. That little bump there.

6. How about a fist bump?

7. They bump off the landlord.

8. We'll propably bump into him.

9. Little bump on the run.

10. Bump belts for mothers-to-be

11. Toddlers tumble and bump their heads.

12. You were gonna bump him off.

13. We' # bump into each other again

14. Bump into the guy I like.

15. They planned bump off the mobster.

16. Little bump in the calculations, Captain?

17. Rose fell, landing with a bump.

18. A bump swells on the road.

19. We landed with a loud bump.

20. Copying bump pack data to diskette.

21. Too many banks, bump off a third.

22. The truck hit a bump and bounced.

23. Be careful you don't bump your head.

24. They will probably bump you off anyway!

25. I would bump into them around town.

26. I'm so sorry to bump into you.

27. Is he there to bump off Jim?

28. Maybe it's that bump on your head.

29. My car ran bump into the wall.

30. It's like a bump in the air.

31. Bump out second squad two blocks east.

32. They planned to bump off the mobster.

33. The two children collided with a bump.

34. I can't fist bump you from up here.

35. I heard a bump in the next room.

36. She tripped and went down with a bump.

37. Small children often cry after a minor bump.

38. Passenger vehicle sales hit speed bump in July.

39. The car hit a bump on the road.

40. We heard a bump in the next room.

41. We hit a bump and the car swerved.

42. She tripped over the bump on the sidewalk.

43. The extra cost will bump up the price.

44. It' s like a bump in the air

45. We heard a bump from the next room.

46. He got a nasty bump on the head.

47. Bump of mammary gland of how fast detumescence?

48. The predetermined bump diameter and a bump spacing of the centrally disposed bump are determined in relation to the plurality of ground bumps and a dielectric constant of air for providing a characteristic impedance.

49. Hydrodynamic air thrust bearing with offset bump foils

50. Can you feel the bump on my head?