c extension|c extension in English

extension of a source file in the C programming language

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1. Blanched almond kernels - extension (ECE/TRADE/C/WP.7/2008/17)

2. Since there is no possibility of L/C extension, you must see to it that shipment is made within the validity of L/C.

3. Under paragraph 281(2)(c), interest on any amount payable by the person continues to accrue, despite the extension.

4. Under paragraph 168(2)(c), interest on any amount payable by the person continues to accrue, despite the extension.

5. tlb extension, as opposed to a .dll extension.

6. Pulse Extension

7. In general a Clifford algebra C is a central simple algebra over some field extension L of the field K over which the quadratic form Q defining C is defined.

8. In terms of technicals, traders said the currency pair formed a double bottom at around C$0.9950, a break of which would see an extension of a decline toward C$0.9830.

9. Then, on D'Arcy's insistence, he was passed from extension to extension.

10. Color Filters (Extension

11. Aerial extension leads

12. Adaptive battery life extension

13. To use the extension:

14. You can save the file using any file extension or no extension at all.

15. unknown audio code extension

16. There are also C++ and Fortran compilers that handle interval data types and suitable operations as a language extension, so interval arithmetic is supported directly.

17. In abstract algebra, an abelian extension is a Galois extension whose Galois group is abelian.

18. Turning off an automated extension stops that extension from showing with ads in the account.

19. Extension leads for televisions aerials

20. Subject: Extension of capital requirements

21. See for example field extension.

22. I'll connect you to extension

23. Elbow flexion, wrist flexion and extension, and metacarpophalangeal joint flexion and extension were not impaired.

24. CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A

25. They've built an extension on.