c sharp|c sharp in English

musical note which is one half-step higher than the note C

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1. C sharp is blue, F sharp is green, another tone might be yellow, right?

2. C Traps and Pitfalls - The C language is like a carving knife: simple, sharp, and extremely useful in skilled hands.

3. The C language is like a carving knife: simple, sharp, and extremely useful in skilled hands.

4. Meanwhile the Russian pianist-composer Rachmaninoff, the romantic musician, was renowned for "Prelude in C Sharp Minor". "

5. Sharp blade.

6. Looking sharp.

7. The temperature function indicated a sharp increase in creep for gravel concrete above 350°C caused by break-up of the aggregate.

8. A sharp eye, a fierce dedication, and very sharp claws.

9. All razor sharp.

10. She looks sharp.

11. Sharp suit, Mom!

12. Sharp fielding there.

13. Popular hybrids include C. × hiemalis (C. japonica × C. sasanqua) and C. × williamsii (C. japonica × Camellia saluenensis|C. saluenensis).

14. Ruthenium metal activates C–H and C–C bonds, that aids C–H and C–C bond scission.

15. Better look sharp, Doctor.

16. In fact, we all knew he was sharp, sharp as a carving knife.

17. The sharp symbol also resembles a ligature of four "+" symbols (in a two-by-two grid), further implying that the language is an increment of C++.

18. A sharp drop in endowment income means a sharp drop in money for scholarships.

19. alkyl substituted by halogen, C¿1?-C¿6? alkoxy or C¿1?-C¿6?

20. Its teeth are razor sharp .

21. Emma has a sharp tongue .

22. Velvet paws hide sharp claws.

23. His lawyer's a sharp operator.

24. His hearing is very sharp.

25. He has a sharp tongue.