career in English

an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.
You should also contact your local careers office/centre for information and advice on careers and learning opportunities.
move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way in a specified direction.
the car careered across the road and went through a hedge

Use "career" in a sentence

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1. Legendary career

2. He storied about his academic career and his professional career.

3. Killed his career.

4. Your career assignment.

5. My career as a fashion designer, and my career as a mother.

6. I've built a career.

7. Career plateau is a conception that describes the stagnancy of one's career development.

8. STC0100 Career Management - Take Charge of Your Career and Learning Duration: 2 days

9. counseling on career opportunities.

10. A weekly chat with a career coach can put your career plan into overdrive.

11. His career ended abruptly.

12. Bye-bye, acting career.

13. She's very career orientated.

14. It also provides guidance on career topics such as conflict resolution and career structure.

15. Career development is faced with many predicaments, such as stagnate, discontinue and tiredness of career.

16. Starting his career with Claridges.

17. This is my career plan.

18. His career would be ruined.

19. I'm a career girl, ie I concentrate on my career rather than getting married, etc.

20. Vocational training, legitimate career paths.

21. She chose an academic career.

22. Her art career was mined.

23. Have a reasonable career plan.

24. My mother's a career politician.

25. It's a viable career opportunity.

26. The incident stained his career.

27. I've had a varied career.

28. My career is in jeopardy.

29. You considered a career change?

30. The fancy career, the suit.

31. What career provides such satisfaction?

32. 14 In 1995-96 the school was piloting career-related courses in all seven career clusters.

33. For the individual we will provide the career counseling services please view the career counseling section.

34. Start your career at ABES Austria!

35. Her stage career spans sixty years.

36. Injury problems could shorten his career.

37. He chose banking as a career.

38. A typical New York career woman.

39. She has had an illustrious career.

40. Career breaks will not be subtracted.

41. We Found a More Rewarding Career

42. And he did ruin my career.

43. I'd like a career in journalism.

44. He pursued a career in medicine.

45. He's had a chequered business career.

46. Career counselling (employment advice and information)

47. This was her fifth career title.

48. A lot of career criminals, gangbangers.

49. Being innovative can damage your career.

50. 17 Come clean about career problems.